Reindeer and Sleigh Stocking Pattern #9002C

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Reindeer and Sleigh Stocking Pattern #9002C

Simplified multi-color knitting with color charts. Stitch sequences numbered. Each row knitted across and purled back in the same colors.

Knit your own choice of name across cuff in lieu of words “Merry Christmas” if you wish.

Large size approximately 21 inches top-to-toe.


   Knit across and purl back each row before starting next row. Use size NUMBER 3 needles and regular 4-ply knitting worsted weight yarn. Knitting tension should be tight enough to produce about 8 stitches per inch. If you do not obtain this gauge, then change to larger or smaller needles as your particular knitting tension requires. The size needle does not matter as long as the stitch gauge attained is correct. The above applies where it is desired to make a large size stocking about 21 inches long and 5½ inches wide at the top. If a larger or smaller stocking is desired use larger or smaller needles to obtain the gauge desired. Knitting 7 stitches per inch will produce a larger 23 inch stocking; 9 stitches per inch will make the stocking only about 19 inches long.

   Use light brown or beige Angora yarn for the Reindeer if you wish. The 100% French Angora is recommended since it is the fuzziest. You may wish to try other special effects such as carrying a thread of tinsel with the yarn when knitting the trees or the white part of the cuff; sewing sequins on the trees when completed, etc.

   Knit stocking in basic-color red with white cuff, etc., if you wish.

Reindeer and Sleigh Stocking Pattern #9002C chart
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