Grace Ennis Graphic Knitting Patterns

Grace Ennis was on all accounts a pretty Bel Air blonde - as well as a passionate woman who embraced life to the fullest. When she was five years old, she showed an extraordinary knack for knitting. But it wasn’t until 1939 when she was 29 years old and newly married to Clare Ennis, that the full expression of her art began to take shape. When Clare expressed his great desire for Grace - and her hand knit socks - she began working out her colorful designs on graph paper.

Soon Clare, a popular Naval Officer stationed in Coronado, CA, sported his first pair of custom argyles. The socks became all the rage with his friends and co-workers on the base. Enlisted men placed orders with Grace hand over foot. And Grace delivered: Every design was inspired, executed with style, flare, and of course, Grace.

Car Charms

8-ball Car Charm pattern
Baseball Car Charm pattern
Dice Cube Charm pattern
Football Car Charm pattern
Miniature Socks 1 car charms pattern
Miniature Car Charms 2 pattern
Octopus Car charm
Poodle Car Charm pattern
Santa Claus Car Charm pattern
Thunderbird Car Charm pattern

Christmas Stockings & Doll

Santa and Tree Christmas Stocking 1
Reindeer and Sleigh Stocking 2
Snowman and Snowflakes Stocking 3
Santa and Reindeerhead Stocking 4
Full Figure Santa Claus Stocknig 5
Santa and Chimney Stocking 6
Santa Claus Yarn Doll


Boston Terrier socks and necktie pattern
Boxer socks and necktie pattern
Football Player Socks & Necktie
Argyle Necktie
Chevrons and Diamond Necktie
Diagonal Stripe No 1 Necktie
Diamond Overlay Necktie
German Shepherd Socks and Necktie pattern
Poodle socks and necktie pattern
Cocker Spaniel socks and necktie pattern


4 Aces socks pattern
8-ball Socks pattern
8 Point Star Clock socks pattern
3-Color Diamond Socks
3-Color Plaid Necktie
3-Color Plaid Socks
Anchor Socks
Argyle Clock socks pattern
Argyle Slack Socks or Anklets pattern
Baseball Diamond Socks
Argyle Chevron Clock Socks
Argyle Socks
Around the World Socks
Band-O-Argyle Socks
Baseball Player Socks
Basketball Socks
Beer Mug Socks
Blending Colors socks pattern
Boston Terrier socks and necktie pattern
Bowling Socks pattern
Boxer socks and necktie pattern
Champagne Cocktail Clock Socks
Call-My-Number Socks
Center Diamond and Chevron Socks
Chain Clock Socks
Checkerboard Socks
Chess Crown Clock Socks
Chevron Clock Socks

Chevron Diagonal Stripes Socks 

Chevrons & Diamond Socks
Children's Size Argyle Socks
Classic Argyle Socks
Clock Socks No. 18
Clock Socks No. 22
Coat-Of-Arms Socks
Dance Time socks pattern
Cross-Stripe Socks
Crown & Vee Clock Socks
Diagonal Stripe No. 1 Socks
Diamond Clock Socks
Diamond Cluster Socks
Diamond Lattice Socks
Dice Clock Socks pattern
Diving Girl Socks pattern
Diamond Overlay Argyle Socks
Diamond Overlay Clock Socks
Diamond Overlay Socks
Diamond Star Clock Socks
Diamond-Chain Clock Socks
Dog House Socks pattern
Fishin Socks pattern
Football Player Socks & Necktie
Football Touchdown Socks
Donkey Socks
Drama Socks
Fine-Line Clock Socks
Golf Bag socks pattern
Hawaiian Girl socks pattern
Heart Key Clock Socks pattern
Hole-in-One Golf Socks pattern
Glass-O-Beer Socks
Gun Club Socks
Horse's Head Clock Socks
Hot Dog Socks pattern
Hot Rod Socks pattern
Horse's Head Socks
Horseshoes Socks
Initials or Greek Letters Clock Socks
Initials-in-Color Socks
Instep Diamonds Socks
Jet Airplane socks pattern
Manhattan Cocktail Socks
Monkey Shines sock pattern
Interlocking Diamonds Socks
Iris Floral Socks
Little Saint Socks
Lucky Elephant Socks
Music Socks pattern
Overlapping Diamond Clock Socks pattern
Pipe Dream socks pattern
Octagon and Diamonds Socks
Outline Diamond-Overlay Socks
Plaid Socks No 28
Plaid Socks No 29
German Shepherd Socks and Necktie pattern
Poodle socks and necktie pattern
Red Devil socks pattern
Sailfish Socks pattern
Sea Horse Clock Socks pattern
Sail-Ho! Socks
Seven-Come-Eleven Socks
Signal Flags Socks pattern
Skier Socks pattern
Skunk socks pattern
Small Diamond Argyle Socks pattern
Shaded 4-Point Star Socks
Shutter Bug Socks
Spaced Arrow Socks
Cocker Spaniel socks and necktie pattern
Surf Rider socks pattern
Speedboat Socks
Staff & Spiral Clock Socks
Star Argyle Socks
Stop-and-Go Socks
Tame-the-Lion Socks
Tennis Racquet Socks
Thunderbird Socks pattern
Tipsy Elephant socks pattern
Twin Beer Mugs Socks
Triangle Overlay
Tri-Color Lattice Socks
Triple Diamond Socks
Twin Glass-o-Beer Clock Socks
Whodunnit Socks pattern
Two-On-A-Match Socks
Vee-Stripes Socks
Vertical Track Clock Socks
Western Socks
Winged Foot Clock Socks
Winged Staff Clock socks pattern