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Size 3-4

5  Balls White or Colors.
1 Pair Bone Knitting Needles Number 2.
1 Pair Bone Knitting Needles Number 4.
6  Buttons.

Measurements—Width Across Back 11 inches.
Length from Neck to Lower Edge 14 inches.
Length of Sleeve 9½ inches.

Gauge—8 sts = 1 inch. 10 rows = 1 inch.

Pattern. A multiple of 12 + 8 and on the fronts + 5 for garter st border.

1st Row. * P 2, K 1, P 2, K 1, P 2, K 4, repeat from * ending with P 2, K 1, P 2, K 1, P 2.
2nd Row. * K 2, P 1, K 2, P 1, K 2, P 4, repeat from * ending with K 2, P 1, K 2, P 1, K 2.
3rd and 4th Rows. Same as 1st and 2nd rows.
5th Row. * P 2, K 1, P 2, K 1, P 2, slip the next 2 sts on a double pointed needle and hold in back of work. K the next 2 sts then K the 2 sts on separate needle (this is a cable). Repeat from * ending row with P 2, K 1, P 2, K 1, P 2. Repeat from the 2nd row.
In decreasing and increasing be careful to keep the pattern straight.

Back. On fine needles cast on 92 sts and work in rib­bing of K 2, P 2 for 1½ inches. Change to large needles and work in pattern for 8½ inches. Place a marker for the beginning of armhole and continue in pattern until work measures 14 inches from the beginning.
Next Row. Work across 28 sts, bind off the next 36 sts for back of neck and continue work on remaining 28 sts as follows. Work even for ¾ inch then cast on 8 sts at neck edge every other row 3 times, then cast on 12 sts at neck edge. This completes the neck shaping. Continue front even, working the 5 sts at front edge in garter st. (k each row.) Work for 2¼ inches then work buttonholes on Left Front for Boys and Right Front for Girls.

Buttonholes. K 2, bind off 1 st. K 2. On the next row cast on 1 st over the bound off st. Following buttonholes are made 2¼ inches apart. Continue even until work measures 8 inches from the marker. Place a second marker (armhole) and finish front same as back. Work other front to correspond.

Sleeves. With right side of work toward you using large needles, pick up 68 sts between markers and work in pattern for 8½ inches or length desired. Change to small needles work in ribbing for 1½ inches.

Neck Band. With fine needles and right side toward you, pick up 94 sts around neck edge and work in ribbing for ¼ inch. Work a buttonhole in line with other buttonholes and continue in ribbing until band measures ¾ inch.
Press work under a damp cloth, sew seams and sew buttons in position.

Other great patterns from Star Variety Show, Book No. 21.

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