Knitted Zig Zag Afghan Pattern #722-10

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This free pattern originally published by Columbia-Minerva Corporation as Columbia-Minerva Afghan Book, Volume 722.

Approximate Size: 50" x 70"

Materials Required:

Columbia--Minerva Nantuk 4 Ply Knitting Yarn
(Knitting Worsted Size--2 or 4 oz. skein)

Color 1--Dark Color--20 Oz.
Color 2--Medium Dark Color--16 Oz.
Color 3--Medium Light Color--16 Oz.
Color 4--Light Color--8 Oz.


Columbia--Minerva Knitting Worsted (4 Oz. skein)
Color 1--Dark Color--5 Skeins
Color 2--Medium Dark Color--4 Skeins
Color 3--Medium Light Color--4 Skeins
Color 4--Light Color--2 Skeins

Knitting Needles: 1 Pair "Boye" Size 8-10 inch

Gauge: 4 Sts. to 1 inch

Pattern Stitch: (36 Sts.)

Row 1--K 1, K 2 together, K 6, Y.O., K 1, Y.O., K 6, K 2 together 2 times, K 6, Y.O. K 1, Y.O., K 6, K 2 together, K 1.

Row 2--P.

Row 3--K.

Repeat these 3 rows for Pattern.

Afghan--One Strip: With Color 4 Strip at center, sew Color 3 Strips at each side, then sew Color 2 Strips to Color 3 and Color 1 Strips to Color 2.

Fringe: With Color 1 wind yarn over a 4 inch cardboard. Cut loops at one end. Fold and knot 3 strands about 1/2 inch apart across each end of Afghan.

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