Shrug Knitting Patterns

Such comfortable wool fashion accessories to wear to the movies, church suppers, meetings, the theater and the senior prom. Here is a collection of shrug knitting patterns for daytime and evening wear in easy knit stitches and simple instructions for knitting. As beautiful as notes in a new song, as soft as sweet music...We have collected a beautiful group of shrug knitting patterns for you to knit including shoulderettes and boleros. We hope you like them all.

Shrug n Bows pattern
shrug shoulder pattern
evening cover up pattern
shoulderette pattern
bolero pattern
wrap about shrug pattern
marquise shrug pattern
girls angora shrug pattern
shrug pattern
bunny hug shrug pattern
party girl shrug pattern
bolero pattern
simple shrug
hamaca shrug
fan sleeved shrug
lacy shruggy
cable shrug
hug me tight shrug
shoulderette pattern
diamond bolero pattern