Sock Patterns

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Socks of good quality are available to everyone. It takes only the whirr of giant machines and in minutes the socks come off the production line. But hand-knitted socks bear qualities that can never be duplicated. Socks knitted of fine materials from these knit sock patterns and with great care have a sparkle that immediately labels them as hand-made. A fantastic collection of socks, including socks to knit using two-needles. Includes knit sock patterns for everyone in the family from mom to dad to kids.

Cable Clock Men's Socks Pattern
Ladies' Anklets Pattern
Argyle Anklets Pattern
Men's Ribbed Socks Pattern
Tweed Socks Pattern
Socks Pattern
Cable Socks Pattern
Sport Socks Pattern
Mock Cable Socks Pattern
Argyle Men's Socks Pattern
Children's Striped Anklets Pattern
Jingle Bell Socks and Mittens pattern
Three Short Socks pattern
Classic Socks and Gloves pattern
Standby Socks Pattern
Knitted Socks #2277 Pattern
Knitted Socks #2276 Pattern
Sun Valley Winter Accessories Pattern
Moss Stitch Socks pattern
Ribbed Socks with Cable Cuff pattern
Spirla Socks Mittens and Calot Set pattern
Mens Socks Pattern
Oudoor Accessories Set pattern
Argyle Socks pattern
Striped Socks and Gloves pattern
Mens Cable Socks pattern 603
Mens Heavy Socks pattern 604
Checked Socks pattern
Cable Socks and Calots Set pattern
Outdoor Accessories Set pattern
Skating or Skiing Stockings pattern
Anklets pattern
Mens Rib and Cable Socks pattern 605
Girls Sport Socks pattern 606
Girls Cable Socks pattern 607
Spiral Sock pattern
Plain Sock pattern
Childrens Socks pattern 600
Childrens Cable Clock Socks pattern 602
Ladies Mock Cable Socks pattern 616
Womens Rib Anklets pattern 617
Mens Argyle Socks pattern
Womens Sport Anklets pattern 608
Ladies Socks pattern 609
Mens Socks pattern 611
Mens Classic Socks pattern 612
Mens Argyle Socks pattern
Girls Argyle Socks pattern
wear forever socks with replaceable toe and heel pattern
Mens Slack Socks Pattern 625
Mens Classic Socks Pattern 626
Girls Anklets Pattern 627
Mens Slack Socks pattern
mens sock pattern 517
mens sock pattern 522
mens sock pattern 519
mens sock pattern 511
mens sock pattern 520
mens sock pattern 513
mens sock pattern 514
childrens sock pattern 526
womens sock pattern 534
womens sock pattern 532
mens sock pattern 521
womens sock pattern 535
mens sock pattern 512
mens sock pattern 518
mens argyle socks pattern
childrens sock pattern 525
childrens sock pattern 530
womens sock pattern 531
womens sock pattern 533
childrens sock pattern 529
childrens sock pattern 527
socks pattern
striped socks pattern
two tone socks pattern
basque shirt and socks pattern
tweed tone socks pattern
cable sport socks pattern
color cable socks pattern
childs striped socks pattern
twisted rib socks pattern
ribbed anklets
dress socks pattern
ribbed socks pattern
childrens cable clock socks pattern
big girls lace rib socks pattern
diamond argyle socks
bold diamond argyle socks
knee socks pattern
bobby socks pattern
knee socks pattern
barclay tartan socks pattern
knitted 2 needle socks
ankle socks pattern
heelless socks pattern
striped socks
ladies anklets
two tone twist socks
variation diamond socks
herringbone socks
plain socks
ribbed socks
argyle clock socks
diamond band socks
sport socks
clock socks
mens socks
fancy ribbed socks
large diamond socks
diamond chevron socks
sport anklets
multicolored socks
mans ribbed socks
spiral socks without heel
variation argyle socks
single cable socks
cable socks
two tone cable clock socks
matched knitted socks
4 needle socks
argyle socks
double cable socks
sport set socks
diamond socks
spiral socks
spiral socks
two needle socks
knitted twist socks
mock cable socks
Cable Stitch Anklets pattern