Dress Patterns

More free skirt patterns: Crochet Skirt Patterns, Knit Skirt Patterns

A dress, also known as a frock or gown, is a garment consisting of a skirt with an attached bodice or with a matching bodice giving the effect of a one-piece garment. When it comes to romantic fashion, knitting shines! Details add enchantment at every turn. Maybe you've set your sights on a dramatic skirt, so try out these dress patterns.

Flicker Fringe Dress
Light Refreshment Dress
Beau Catcher Dress
Pitter Patter Dress
Two Piece Dress
Everglades Suit pattern
The Spectator Dress pattern
Linesman Dress pattern
Afternoon Dress pattern
The Co-ed Dress pattern
Twill Knit Suit pattern
Lacy Leaf Dress pattern
Streamline Suit pattern
Chevronette Dress pattern
Wildemere Dress pattern
Two Piece Knitted Dress with Crochet Trim pattern
Steeplechase Suit pattern
Promenade Dress pattern
Tailleur Dress pattern
Epaulette Dress pattern
Shirtmaker Dress Pattern
times square 3 piece suit pattern
Woodland Dress pattern
Diamond Knitted Sport Suit Pattern
Palm Beach Dress pattern
Fun in the Sun Dress pattern
Knitted Two Piece Dress with Diagonal Striped Blouse pattern
Symphony Dress pattern
metropolitan striped dress pattern
dress up dress pattern
Tropical Dress pattern
campus 2 piece velveen suit pattern
suburban 3 piece modeen and featherdown suit pattern
waldorf 2 piece suit pattern
sweet twosome jumper pattern
parade 3 piece suit pattern
camouflage 3 piece velveen suit pattern
lucky piece 2 piece mirvena suit pattern
rendevous dress
day in town dress
century 2 piece mirvena suit pattern
flight 2 piece suit pattern
twins 2 piece velveen suit and scarf pattern
st georges white nub yarn suit pattern
career girl dress
paradise island dress
derby day dress
vagabond dress
wings coat and dress pattern
figure eight skating set pattern
sunday morning dress pattern
fashion show dress
orangetown dress
barbados dress
aruba dress
north wind scotch sports plaid coat and olympic suit pattern
town and country dress
around the calendar dress
tortuga dress
martinique dress
vera cruz dress
trinidad dress
evening in manhattan dress
andros dress
st kitts dress
jamaica dress
chevy chase dress pattern
margarita dress
roseau dress
eleuthera dress
nassau dress
stamford dress pattern
winchester dress pattern
orlando dress pattern
nashville dress pattern
domenica gown
dress pattern
san francisco dress pattern
grosse point dress pattern
st augustine dress pattern
saybrook dress pattern
manhassett dress pattern
dress pattern
manhattan dress pattern
seattle dress pattern
evanston dress pattern
dress pattern
new orleans dress pattern
pasadena dress pattern
bryn mawr dress pattern
dress pattern
lenox dress pattern
dress pattern
dallas dress pattern
st louis dress pattern
long beach dress pattern
lakewood dress pattern