Children's Mittens Patterns

Mittens cover the entire hand but do not have separate finger openings, so they effectively separate the thumb from the other four fingers. They are made in many different colors and designs. Mittens have a high thermal efficiency since they have a small surface area exposed to the cold. The earliest mittens known to archeologists date to around 1000 A.D. Wool biodegrades quickly, so it is likely that earlier mittens, possibly in other countries, may have existed but were not preserved.




Mittens Pattern
Children's Gloves Pattern
Children's Gloves Pattern
Children's Angora Mittens pattern
Children's Two Needle Cable Mittens pattern
Classic Mittens pattern 5617
Speed Knit Mittens pattern 5614
Mittens 515
Children's Norwegian Mittens pattern
Children's Two Needle Mittens pattern
Classic Mittens pattern 5615
Striped Mittens pattern 5616
Braided Cable Mittens pattern 5613
mock cable mittens
Classic Mittens pattern 5605
Children's Safety Mittens pattern
Ribbed Mittens pattern 5607
Classic Mittens pattern 5611
Cable Back Mittens pattern 5612
Classic Mittens pattern 5608
Classic Mittens pattern 5606
Norwegian Type Mittens pattern 5610
Girls and Ladies Mittens pattern
hooded cardigan sweater and mittens patterns
Childrens Mittens Pattern 800
Classic Mittens pattern 5609
braid cable 4 needle mittens
helmet with mittens pattern
two piece snow suit with cap and mittens pattern
single cable mittens
Girls and Ladies Mittens Pattern 628
girls mittens pattern
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legging suit, cap & mittens
smocked border hood
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2 needle split cable mittens
Children's Mittens pattern