Bedspread Patterns

More free bedspread patterns: Crochet Bedspread Patterns and Crochet Pattern Squares

Bedspreads are bed covers with sides that go to the floor. There are many different types of bedspread patterns available. They can be made with yarn or thread. A completed crocheted bedspread pattern is a real investment in beauty. It wears so well and it remains a classic fashion while other bedspread fashions come and go.

Reverie Bedspread Pattern
Sleepy Hollow Bedspread Pattern
Old Colonial Bedspread Pattern
Period Piece Bedspread Pattern
#6129 Bedspread Pattern
#6130 Bedspread Pattern
west wind bedspread
Leaf and Diagonal Bedspread
Hour-Glass Bedspread
Modern Knitted Bedspread
trailing vine bedspread pattern
golden age bedspread
Arcady Bedspread pattern
Shell Bedspread
Pomander Walk Bedspread pattern
Peanut and Rows Bedspread
Trailing Vine Bedspread pattern
Moonflower pattern
Checkerboard Knitted Bedspread pattern
Petal Bedspread pattern
Evensong Bedspread pattern