Mitten Patterns

Mittens cover the entire hand but do not have separate finger openings, so they effectively separate the thumb from the other four fingers. They are made in many different colors and designs. Mittens have a high thermal efficiency since they have a small surface area exposed to the cold. The earliest mittens known to archeologists date to around 1000 A.D. Wool biodegrades quickly, so it is likely that earlier mittens, possibly in other countries, may have existed but were not preserved.




Toboggan Fan Set Pattern
Jiffy Cable Mittens Pattern
Mittens Pattern
Mittens for Ladies and Men Pattern
Outdoor Accessories Set pattern
Sun Valley Winter Accessories Pattern
Spirla Socks Mittens and Calot Set pattern
Jingle Bell Socks and Mittens pattern
Oudoor Accessories Set pattern
Mittens 513
Mittens 503
Mittens pattern
Mittens pattern
Mittens 501
Mittens 502
Mittens 505
Women's Norwegian Mittens pattern
Mittens 506
Mittens 508
Mittens 509
Mittens 510
Mittens 504
Mittens 512
ladys fair isle mittens
Mittens 507
classic mittens pattern
Men's Two Needle Norwegian Mittens pattern
Men's Fair Isle Mittens pattern
Mittens 511
womens two needle mttens pattern
double cable mittens
Mittens 514
Ombre Mittens pattern 5618
Ladies Mittens pattern 5619
Ladies Mittens pattern 5620
Women's Angora Mittens pattern
Mens Mittens pattern 5622
Women's Open Palm Mittens pattern
Girls and Ladies Mittens Pattern 628
Mens Mittens Pattern
Mens Mittens pattern
Mens Mittens pattern 5621
braid cable 4 needle mittens
matched knitted mittens
mittens in shaded colors
two needle mittens
mitts in a hurry pattern
Panel Back Mittens pattern
mans mittens
4 needle mittens
ladies jiffy mittens pattern
wristlet mittens pattern