Classic Knitted Afghan

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Approximate Size: 47 inches by 67 inches
(Fringe not included.)

MATERIALS — Bear Brand or Bucilla Zephyr Germantown, 18 balls Green No. 233, 16 balls Tan No. 322; or Bear Brand Afghan Germantown, 9 skeins Green No. 672, 8 skeins Tan No. 620.
1 pair Bucilla White Knitting Needles, Size 4. Bucilla White Crochet Hook, Size 3.

Gauge for basket-weave pattern:

6 stitches=1 inch; 8 rows=1 inch

Each cable-stitch strip should measure about 3 ½ inches in width.

BASKET-WEAVE STRIPS—With green, cast on 29 sts and k 1 row. 1st row of pattern: k 4, p 5, k 11, p 5, k 4. 2nd row: k 9, p 11, k 9. 3rd row: same as 1st row. 4th row: same as 2nd row. 5th row: same as 1st row. 6th row: k all sts. 7th row: k 12, p 5, k 12. 8th row: k 4, p 8, k 5, p 8, k 4. 9th row: same as 7th row. 10th row: same as 8th row. 11th row: same as 7th row. 12th row: k all sts. These 12 rows make the basketweave pattern; repeat them 43 times, then repeat the first 6 rows of pattern once more (strip should now measure about 67 inches in length); bind off.

Make 6 of these basket-weave strips.

CABLE-STITCH STRIPS—With tan, cast on 26 sts. 1st row of cable pattern: k 4, p 2, k 6, p 2, k 6, p 2, k 4. 2nd row: k 6, p 6, k 2, p 6, k 6. 3rd row: same as 1st row. 4th row: same as 2nd row. 5th row (cable-twist row): k 4, p 2, * slip the next 3 sts to the crochet hook, keeping the hook with the slipped sts back of work, k the next 3 sts, then k the 3 slipped sts, p 2; repeat from * once, k the last 4 sts. 6th row: same as 2nd row. 7th row: same as 1st row. 8th row: same as 2nd row. Repeat these 8 rows 66 times (536 rows). Bind off.

Make 5 cable-stitch strips.

Sew the 11 strips together, alternating a green strip with a tan strip (see illustration); when sewing, take care that ridges meet.

FRINGE—Work a row of s c across ends of afghan, as follows: with green, crochet 22 s c across first green strip (skipping about every 4th st on edge); * draw tan yarn through last green loop on hook, break off green; with tan work 18 s c across tan strip (skipping every 4th st on edge); draw green yarn through last tan loop on hook and break off tan; with green work 22 s c across next green strip; repeat from * to end. Crochet the s c row in same way across other end. For fringe wind yarn around a 2 ½-inch cardboard, and cut at one end. Tie a 2-strand fringe in every other s c along ends of afghan, matching color in strips (11 fringes on green strips, 9 fringes on tan strips). Trim edges of fringe evenly.

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