New Stoles and Cover-ups | Bernhard Ulmann | Volume No. 27

New Stoles and Cover-ups
Volume No. 27
Bernhard Ulmann Company
Original Copyright 1952

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Patterns Included: 
Knitted Stole, Feather and Fan Stole, Shrug Shoulder, Triangle Shawl, Ribbed Stole, Quick Knit Stole, Evening Cover Up, Two Tone Drop Stitch Cape, Angora Cape Stole, Crocheted Stole, Crochet Triangle, Stole of Daisies.


CHECK YOUR GAUGE — It is very important to obtain the correct gauge given in instructions. To check your gauge, measure off 2 inches in the center of your knitting and mark with pins. Count the stitches or rows between pins. If you have less stitches or rows than required for 2 inches, your knitting is too loose; try a smaller size needle. If you have more stitches or rows than required for 2 inches, your knitting is too tight; try a larger size needle.

BLOCKING OR STEAMING — Pin stole to board wrong side up. Steam with moderately hot iron over a wet cloth, taking care not to let weight of iron rest upon any one spot. Leave pinned until thoroughly dry.

FRINGE — Wind yarn around cardboard; cut at one end, see Figure 1. Fold in half and knot in number of strands indicated in individual instruction, see Figure 2. Trim fringe evenly.

fringe charts

Hairpin Lace Patterns: