New Quick Tricks to Crochet & Knit | J. & P. Coats - Clark's O.N.T. Book No. 307

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New Quick Tricks to Crochet & Knit | J. & P. Coats - Clark's O.N.T. Book No. 307

New Quick Tricks to Crochet and Knit
Book No. 307
J. & P. Coats ⋅ Clark's O.N.T.
Original Copyright 1954

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Patterns Included: 
Watermelon Hot Plate Mats and Napkin Holder, Pink Cloche, Coat Hanger Covers, Square Pot Holder, Pumpkin and Green Glass Jacket, Pink Glass Jacket, Chartreuse and Ecru Glass Jacket, Child's Bunny Glass Jacket, Watermelon and Blue Glass Jacket, Brown and White Glass Jacket, Sugar 'n Cream Pot Holder, Waste Basket Cover, Baby Monkey, Happy Chappie Pot Holder, Pink Slippers, Flower Pot Cover, Danville the Dachshund, Baby Bib, Jewelled Collar, Jewelled Collar, Waist Cinch Belt, Carry All Bag, Checkerboard Set, Golf Club Mitts, Knitted Hat, Knitted Bag.

Carnival of QUICK TRICKS

STEP UP! STEP UP! See the finest collection of Best Sellers that ever graced a Bazaar! So quick, so easy, so inexpensive to make that crocheters and knitters all over the country welcome them with open arms. Made with COATS and CLARK'S O.N.T. Threads, they sell like the proverbial hot cakes. Don't waste another minute,pick up your hooks and needles and start right in on one or all of these new, positively wonderful QUICK TRICKS!

Knitting Patterns: