Hats and Bags | J. & P. Coats - Clark's O.N.T. Book No. 310

Hats and Bags | Coats & Clark's O.N.T. Book No. 310

Hats and Bags
Book No. 310
J. & P. Coats ⋅ Clark's O.N.T.
Original Copyright 1955

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Patterns Included: 
Sparkling Beaded Dutch Cap and Bag, Ripple Brim Hat and Bag, Sparkling Sailor Hat and Bag, Sparkling Cloche and Bag, Jeweled Fez and Bag, Roll Brim Hat and Bag, Chignon Cap, Sparkling Clip-On Cap, Sparkling Fishnet Hat, Sparkling Ponytail Cap, Sparkling Beanie and Bag, Pigtail Beanie.

For a few hours of your time and very little money, you can crochet not only a charming hat to match every outfit you possess, but a bag to match each hat! And if you really want to "sparkle" with fashion, use J. & P. Coats "Knit-Cro-Sheen" Metallic with the built-in glitter that is completely washable and non-tarnishing.


chain ch
single crochet sc
half double crochet half dc
double crochet dc
slip stitch sl st
space sp
stitch(es) st(s)
round rnd
inclusive incl
increase inc
decrease dec
slip sl
knit k
purl p
together tog

* (asterisk) ... Repeat the instructions following the asterisk as many times as specified ... Repeat instructions in parentheses as many times as specified. For example: "(Ch 5, sc in next sc) 5 times" means to make all that is in parentheses 5 times in all.

Knitting Patterns: