Knitted Envelope Pattern #285

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Knitted Envelope Pattern #285

Materials: J. & P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, 2 balls of color 55 Navy Blue, 1 ball of White; or Clark's O.N.T. Knit-Crochet, 6 balls of Blue and 1 ball of White. 1 pair of Milward's Knitting Pins No. 2 (2¾ mm. size). White button, 1¼ inches in diameter. Ribbon lining, 9 by 24 inches. Inside pocket, 4½ by 6 inches. Heavy interlining, 8¾ by 12 inches.

Inside of purse: Place inside pocket 1½ inches from one end of lining ribbon leaving about 1½ inches top and bottom. Stitch on 3 sides and through the center to make 2 pockets. Cover interlining with lining ribbon and sew all around. Double with the pocket inside and sew up the ends.

Cover: With 2 strands of White, cast off 3 sts and knit across. 2nd row: Increase 1 st in 2nd st. 3rd row: K even. Then increase 1 st in 2nd st from both ends every other row until there are 24 sts across. Then cast 20 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Work 29 sts, bind off 6 sts for buttonhole, work remaining 29 sts. Next row, cast on 6 sts where 6 were bound off. Work even in garter st for 8 ridges.

Break off White and attach 2 strands of Navy Blue. Work 4 rows in stockinette, 2 rows in purling, 4 in stockinette, 2 in purling, 4 in stockinette. Then follow the block pattern, working the design in purling and background in stockinette. When block pattern is finished work 2 strips of 4 rows in stockinette with 2 rows of purling between. Follow block pattern again and finish off with 4 rows of stockinette and 2 rows of purling. Bind off tightly. Fold through center and sew the two sides. Sew button to correspond with buttonhole on the flap.

Knitted Envelope Pattern #285 chart