Shrug Pattern #C-214

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Shrug Pattern

LILY DOUBLE QUICK Mercerized Crochet Cotton, Art 50: 7 (8-9) Skeins, White.

KNITTING NEEDLES: One pair of No. 2 (standard).
One steel crochet hook No. 1 (standard).

GAUGE: 6½ sts—1 inch; 8 rows—1 inch.

Directions are for size 14. Changes for sizes 16 and 18 are in parentheses.

Starting at the lower edge of back, with No. 2 needles cast on 104 (110-116) sts. Work in stockinette st. Work even for 1 inch. Inc. 1 st each end; then every ½ inch, 4 times more (114 (120-126) sts). Work even until 4(4½-5) inches from beginning.

Place a marker at each end for start of sleeve.

Cast on 2 sts at beg of next 16 (18-20) rows; then cast on 8 sts at beg of next 16 rows (274 (284-294) sts). Work even for 5¼ (5½-5¾) inches, ending with a P row.

Place a marker at each end for center of sleeve.

Next Row: K120 (125-130) sts; attach 2nd ball of yarn and bind off next 34 sts for back of neck. K remain­ing 120 (125-130) sts. Working on both sides at once, work even for 1 inch.

SHAPE NECK: At each center edge cast on 2 sts every other row 4 times; then 10 sts once (138 (143-148) sts). Work even for 1½ inches.

SHAPE FRONTS: At each center edge, dec 1 st; then every 6th row 9 (10-11) times more; then bind off 3 sts every other row 12 times; 7 (9-11) sts once. At same time when sleeve edge measures 5¼ (5½-5¾) inches from center of sleeve marker.

SHAPE SLEEVES: At each arm edge, bind off 8 sts every other row 8 times; then 2 sts every other row 8 (9-10) times. At arm edge, work even for 1 (1½-2) inches. Dec. 1 st; then every ½ inch, 4 times more.

Work even until 4 (4½-5) inches from underarm (end of sleeve shaping or to match with back).

COLLAR (Make 1): Cast on 96 sts. Work in stockin­ette st. Work even for 2 inches. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 4 rows. Bind off.

FINISHING: Sew sleeve and underarm seams. With right side facing, work 2 rows of sc around sleeves, front and lower edges and collar. Make a crochet loop at neck edge of right front for buttonhole. Sew collar to neck edge. Block. Trim all edges with braid and pearls. Sew on button.