Masculine Tweed Sweater Pattern #521

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Masculine Tweed Sweater Pattern


Materials: Clark's O.N.T. Knitting & Crochet Cotton, 4 balls of color 84 Beige and 5 balls of 130 Seal Brown. Milward's Casein knitting pins, 2 pairs No. 4 (3½ mm. size). 6 large and 2 smaller buttons.

Gauge. 6 sts equal 1 inch, 8 rows equal 1 inch.


Beginning at bottom, with Brown thread double, cast on 100 sts. Work in ribbing of k 1, p 1 for 1¾ inches. Then change 1 strand of Brown to Beige, and work in stockinette for 10 inches. To shape armholes, decrease 1 st at both ends on each of the next 12 rows (76 sts left). Work straight in stockinette for 4 inches. Then shape neck and shoulders, as follows: Bind off 7 sts at beginning of each of next 2 rows. Bind off 10 sts at beginning of each of next 2 rows. Bind off 8 sts at beginning of each of next 2 rows. Then bind off remaining 26 sts at once.


Left Front. With Brown double, cast on 63 sts. Work in ribbing of k 1, p 1 for 6 rows. On next row, work across 8 sts, then bind off 3 sts for button­hole, and continue in ribbing, across row. On the following row cast on 3 sts where the 3 sts were bound off, working in ribbing. Continue in ribbing until work measures 1¾ inches. Now work in rib­bing the 13 sts at the front edge (where buttonhole was made) in solid Brown, working remaining sts in tweed (1 strand Brown and 1 strand Beige). In changing from solid to tweed, drop 1 Brown thread and pick up a strand of Beige, working with the other strand of Brown across entire row. Work straight in this manner, making 1 buttonhole 2 inches from 1st buttonhole and every 2 inches thereafter, until 6 buttonholes in all have been made. On the next row (beginning at the side edge) stockinette across 18 sts, bind off 20 sts (for pocket slit), and complete row. Drop this piece of work, and with another needle and 2 strands of Brown cast on 30 sts for pocket flap. Work 4 rows in ribbing of k 1, p 1. On next row rib across 14 sts, bind off 2 sts, and complete row in ribbing. On following row cast on 2 sts to replace those bound off. Work 3 more rows in ribbing. Pick up left front again, and work in stockinette as far as pocket slit, then p across the sts of pocket flap as follows: * P 2 to­gether, p 1, and repeat from * until all 30 sts have been worked into 20 sts to replace those bound off for slit (63 sts on needle). Now begin front shap­ing. Decrease 1 st next to front border (to decrease, work off the 2 tweed sts next to border as 1) on next row and every following 3rd row, and at the same time, when the side edge measures same length as back up to the armhole, shape armhole the same as for back. Then, continue with the front de­creases, until 23 sts remain for the shoulder (not counting the 13 solid sts at front border). Continue straight on these 23 sts until armhole edge is 6 rows longer than the back armhole. Then shape shoulder as follows: 1st row: Working from the armhole edge, bind off first 7 sts. 2nd row: Work straight. 3rd row: Bind off first 10 sts. 4th row: Work back. 5th row: Bind off all tweed sts, and work solid sts in ribbing. Continue working solid sts in ribbing for 2¼ inches more. Then leave these sts on a safety pin and break thread.

Right Front. Same as left front, reversing armhole shaping and front border, and omitting buttonholes.

Sleeves. With Brown double, cast on 50 sts. Work in ribbing of k 1, p 1 for 3 inches. Change 1 strand of Brown to Beige and work 12 rows of stockinette in tweed. On next row and every following 6th row increase 1 st at both ends, till there are 90 sts on needle. Work should now measure about 17 inches. If not, add as many rows as necessary. To shape top of sleeve, decrease 1 st at both ends each row until 48 sts remain. Bind off. Sew up side and shoulder seams. Sew sleeve seams and sew sleeves in sweater. Sew the free border pieces to back of neck, adding or ripping out a few rows as necessary and joining the two pieces together at center back. Sew buttons on right front border to correspond with buttonholes. The pockets may be either of lining material, or, if preferred, knitted. To knit, cast on 20 sts and work in stockinette for 4 inches. Bind off. Fold work in half, so that the right sides face each other. Stitch down the sides, and sew pocket into slit. Make another one the same way. Turn under 2 rows of flap and sew. Sew the smaller button on to correspond with buttonholes of flap.