Tasseled Cape Stole Pattern #704-8

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Tasseled Cape Stole Pattern

Original made of Columbia Minerva Mellosheen—Color: Winter White with Gold

Columbia Minerva Mellosheen (2 ounce skein) 13 Skeins

Material for Lining: 1 yard of 42 inch wide material
Knitting Needles: 1 Pair "Boye" Size 10—14 inch
1 "Boye" Steel Crochet Hook Size 2

Gauge: 4 Sts. to 1 inch; 7 Rows to 1 inch (double strand)

LEFT FRONT: (To center of Back) Starting at lower edge, cast on 54 Sts. Work in Moss St. as follows:
Row 1—K.1, P.1, repeat from * across.
Row 2—P.1, K.1, repeat from * across.
Repeat these 2 rows for Pattern.
Work even for 3 inches. Place marker at one edge for front edge. Decrease 1 St. at front edge, then every 3 inches 5 times more (48 Sts. on needle—18 inches from start). Place marker at each end of last row. Shape both sides at the same time as follows:
At Front Edge: Decrease 1 St. every 2 inches 4 times.
At Back Edge: Increase 1 St. on next row, then every 6th row 3 times more, every 4th row 3 times, every other row 20 times, then every 4th row 3 times (74 Sts. on needle). Work even until work measures 12 inches from last marked row, ending at front edge.
Shoulder Dart: Work across 32 Sts. from front edge, slip re­maining Sts. onto St. Holder. Turn and work as follows: Bind off 3 Sts., work to end of row.
At Front Edge: Decrease 1 St. on next row, then every 6th row 3 times more, AT THE SAME TIME at inner edge *bind off at beginning of every other row 2 Sts., then 3 Sts., repeat from * 4 times more.
Fasten yarn at inner edge and work across remaining 42 Sts. from St. Holder, increasing 1 St. at back edge every 4th row 8 times, AT THE SAME TIME *at inner edge cast on 2 Sts. every other row 2 times, then 1 St. once (5 Sts. cast on in 6 rows), repeat from * 4 times more, then cast on 2 Sts. once (77 Sts. on needle). Place markers at each side of last row.
At Inner Edge: Increase 1 St. every 4th row 5 times, then work even until work measures 3½ inches from last marked row.

Shape both sides at the same time as follows:
At Inner Edge: Bind off 7 Sts. at beginning of every other row 5 times, then 10 Sts. 3 times, 11 Sts. once.
At Back Edge: Decrease 1 St. on next row, then every 4th row 2 times more, then every other row 3 times.

Work Right Front same as Left Front (reversible), reversing when joining to Left Front at center of Back.
If lining is desired, cut lining material to correspond with Stole. Sew darts of Stole and seam at Back. Sew seams of lining.
Fasten yarn at corner of Right Front. *Ch.2, skip 2 Sts., 1 S.C. in next St., * repeat from * to * around front edges. Work 1 row of S.C. across lower edge, then repeat from * to * around back edges, work 1 row of S.C. across other lower edge. Break yarn and fasten.

TASSELS: Wind yarn around a 5 inch cardboard 25 times. Tie loops at one end, leaving about a 3 inch strand to fasten to Stole. Cut loops at other end of Tassel, remove cardboard. Wind and tie a strand of yarn around Tassel ¾ inch from the tied end. Make 14 Tassels. Fasten 7 to each end of Stole, having 1 at each corner and 5 evenly spaced between.

Sew lining to Stole. If desired, sew arm straps (made of lining material) to inside of Stole.