Cape and Hat Pattern | Size 3 Years

Cape and Hat Pattern

Size: 3 years

Materials for Set

13 ozs. CYNTHIA Germantown or 16 ozs. CYNTHIA Knitting Worsted Scarlet No. 310.
Circular needle No. 5 (3¾ MM).
One set double pointed needles No. 5 (3¾ MM).
Bone crochet hook No. 5.
Two ¾ inch button molds

Snow Suit and Hood Pattern | Size 2-3 Years

Snow Suit and Hood Pattern

Size 2-3 years

Materials for Set
16 ozs. CYNTHIA Germantown or 18 ozs. CYNTHIA Knitting Worsted Scarlet No. 310.
One pair bone needles No. 5 (3¾ MM).
One pair bone needles No. 3 (3 MM).
Five-inch zip­per fastener.

Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch

Cable Stitch Sweater and Panties Pattern | Size 2 Years

Cable Stitch Sweater and Panties Pattern

Size: 2 years

Materials for Set

6 ozs. CYNTHIA Bay-Bee Yarn or CYNTHIA Shetland Floss Sky Blue No. 353.
One pair bone needles No. 3 (3 MM).
One double pointed nee­dle No. 3 (3 MM).

Gauge: 7 sts = 1 inch


Barclay Tartan Socks Pattern | Size 10½ to 12

Barclay Tartan Socks Pattern

SIZES 10½ to 12

Wallace Tartan Gloves Pattern

Wallace Tartan Gloves Pattern

Chadwick's Red Heart Sock and Sweater Yarn, 3 Ply, Art. E.255, Shrink and Stretch Resist, 2 skeins (1 oz. pull-out skeins) of Black and 1 skein each of Scarlet and Dark Red for all sizes. A few yards of Yellow.

Elliot Tartan Scarf Pattern

Elliot Tartan Scarf Pattern

9 x 40 inches

Shepherd Tartan Cardigan Pattern

Shepherd Tartan Cardigan Pattern

SIZES 38-40-42

Elliot Tartan Cardigan Pattern | Sizes 8-10-12

Elliot Tartan Cardigan Pattern

SIZES 8-10-12

Tartans | Book No. 501 | The Spool Cotton Company

Book No. 501
J. & P. Coats ⋅ Clark's O.N.T.
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1951

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Patterns Included: 
Cardigan, Barclay Tartan Pullover, Elliot Tartan Cardigan, Checkerboard Stole, Duncan Tartan Weskit, Wallace Tartan Pullover, Shepherd Tartan Cardigan, Elliot Tartan Scarf, Hamilton Tartan Vest, Ramsay Tartan Afghan, Wallace Tartan Gloves, Barclay Tartan Socks, MacPhee Tartan Belt.

General Information

IMPORTANT: Be sure to buy at one time sufficient material of the same dye lot to complete the article you wish to make.

Mens Turtleneck Sweater Pattern

Mens Turtleneck Sweater Pattern

Sizes 36 – 38 – 40 – 42 – 44
Materials Required:
Size 36—20 ozs. Beige or color desired
Size 38—23 ozs.
Size 40—26 ozs.
Size 42—29 ozs.

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