Reliable Cardigan Pattern #1285

Reliable Cardigan Pattern

A new twist on an old favorite ... with double yarn this short cardigan will be easy to own ... note the roomy pockets.

Best Beloved Cardigan Pattern #1287

Best Beloved Cardigan Pattern

Popular with mothers and their young daughters, this cardigan is a must in sweater wardrobes.

Raglan Classic Pullover Pattern #1289

Raglan Classic Pullover Pattern

Our raglan ribbed pullover,with round neck and long sleeves. Grand and warm with a tweed skirt.

Best Pal Cardigan Pattern #1279

Best Pal Cardigan Pattern

9 o'clock wonder ... the all-day cardigan a busy girl wants. Lovely waffle-front knit, long smart sleeves to keep you warm.


Victory Girl Sweater Pattern #1278

Victory Girl Sweater Pattern

The sweater that goes everywhere, does everything ... note that extra-smart turtle neck.


Tee Off Sweater Pattern #1293

Tee Off Sweater Pattern

Here's a smoothie for fit … a workman­like knitted jerkin with that new extra-length appeal.

Smoothie Jacket Pattern #1276

Smoothie Jacket Pattern

A casual hand-knit jacket is a joy ... yours to own in no time, with easy-to-follow directions and Chadwick's Red Heart Knitting Worsted.

Dress Up Dress Pattern #1245

Dress Up Dress Pattern

Dress-up time for you - when you're wearing this grand 2-piece suit-dress for the first fall days. Note the "snow-flake" yoke detail.

Sweaters | Volume 52 | Jack Frost

Volume 52
Jack Frost Yarn Co.
Original Copyright 1951

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Patterns Included: 
Five Sleeveless Pullovers, eight Pullovers, Ribbed Front Pullover, two Classic Pullovers, Tennis Pullover, five Cardigans, Sport Yarn Pullover, Sport Yarn Cardigan, two Fingering Fleece Classics, Fingering Fleece Pullover, Sleeveless Cardigan, Eyelet Ribbed Pullover, Featherweight Floss Pullover, Striped Blouse, Cable Yoke Pullover, Striped Classic.

Pullover Pattern

Pullover Pattern

Size 14
1 Pr. Standard No. 2 Needles
1 Pr. Standard No. 5 Needles

SCALE: 6½ sts to 1 in.

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