Sleeveless Knitted Slipon Pattern #3114

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Sleeveless Knitted Slipon Pattern #3114

Sizes 38 and 40
Materials Required—
1¼ oz. Skeins.
Size 38—
6  Skeins White and 1 Skein Green or any Color desired.
Size 40—
7  Skeins White and 1 Skein Green or any Color desired.
1 Pair No. 4 Knitting Needles and 1 Pair No. 6 Knitting Needles.

Gauge: 5 sts = 1 inch. 7 rows = 1 inch.

Measurements Size 38 Size 40
Width across Back between Shoulders 13½ inches 14 inches
Width at Underarm 19 inches 20 inches
Side Seam 14 inches 14½ inches

When knitting in the pattern, carry the Color in back of work for entire row and take great care to allow a sufficient length so pattern lies flat.
FRONT. On No. 4 needles, cast on 100 sts for size 38 and 104 sts for size 40, work in ribbing of K 2, P 2 for 4 inches for size 38 and 4½ inches for size 40.
Change to No. 6 needles, increase 1 st and continue in stockinette st working 2 rows White, then start knitting in pattern (see chart) working dark squares in Color and light squares in White. Shape front as indicated by heavy line, using the inside line for size 38 and outer line for size 40.
BACK. Work same as front omitting the pattern and neck shaping. After the shoulders are shaped change to No. 4 needles and on remaining sts, K 2, P 2 for 1 inch.
On No. 4 needles, pick up 66 sts around front of neck and work ribbing for 1 inch.
Block work and sew shoulder seams. Pick up about 104 sts around armhole and work 1 inch of ribbing. Sew underarm seams.

Sleeveless Knitted Slipon Pattern #3114