Child's Sweater Pattern

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MATERIAL-10 skeins of white and 2 skeins color Woolco Germantown Zephyr. 1 pair No. 4 ½ knitting needles, No. 4 Woolco hook, 4 small buttons, 6 large buttons.

BACK-With white cast on 86 stitches.

1ST ROW-Knit 1, purl 1.

2D ROW-Knit the purl stitch and purl the knitted stitch.

Repeat the 2d row throughout.

Knit 10 rows white. Knit 10 rows color.

Join white. Decrease 1 stitch each side every 6th row, 10 times. 14 rows even.

97-98TH ROWS-Decrease 1 stitch each side.

26 rows even. Bind off.

FRONTS-Cast on 76 stitches.

Shape 1 edge same as back to 97th row, keep the other edge straight. On armhole side bind off 4. Decrease 1 at beginning of row twice.

Work even for 26 rows. Then bind off 30 stitches on front, work to shoulder.

Next row *decrease 1 at end of row, turn, decrease 1 at beginning*.

Repeat between stars until 8 stitches have been decreased. Then bind off.

SLEEVES-Cast on 16 stitches.

Increase 1 each end every row until there are 62 stitches. 10 rows even.

Then decrease 1 each side every 6th row, 10 times. 6 rows even.

Join color. Work 8 rows.

Join white. Make 8 rows. Bind off.

COLLAR-With white cast on 88 stitches. Work 4 rows even.

Join color. Make 4 rows.

Join white. Make 28 rows even.

BELT-With color and crochet hook chain 61. 8 rows even.

With white work a single crochet around belt.

BUTTONS-On fronts, commencing at lower edge, make a slip stitch in every stitch. On right front make buttonholes 4 inches from lower edge and 4 inches apart.