Misses' Sweater Pattern

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MATERIAL-20 skeins Woolco Knitting Worsted. 1 pair of No. 4 Woolco needles, 1 pair of No. 12 steel needles. 9 buttons.

With No. 4 needles cast on 85 stitches. Knit back.

1ST Row-*Knit 5, purl 1*. First row is repeated throughout. Knit even for 22 inches. Take 26 stitches on a separate needle. Bind off 33 stitches for back of neck. On the remaining 26 stitches knit 8 rows even, then increase 3 stitches on front every other row 5 times. Cast on 18 stitches on front, knit 5 inches even. On underarm cast on 11 stitches. Knit 5 ridges (10 rows) even. Increase 1 stitch every 5th ridge (10th row) 12 times. Knit even until front is as long as back. Take up stitches from the other needle, make the other front the same. Sew up seams.

SLEEVES-Cast on 39 stitches. Increase 2 stitches at beginning of each needle until there are 103 stitches. Knit 5 ridges (10 rows) even. Decrease 1 stitch at each end of needle every 5th ridge (10th row) until there are 83 stitches, 5 ridges even. Using steel needles, knit plain 17 stitches, *knit 2 together,* repeat between *'s until there are 16 stitches. *Knit 2, purl 2* for 3 inches. Bind off.

COLLAR-With No. 4 needles cast on 26 stitches. Knit even for 82 ridges (164 rows).

BELT-Cast on 24 stitches. Knit 60 ridges (120 rows). Bind off. Place belt 10 inches from bottom, using 2 buttons on each side.

BUTTONS-Place 5 buttonholes, commencing 5 inches from bottom. *Chain 5, skip 3 ridges, fasten with a slip stitch, make 15 slip stitches. *