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Main Color: 9 balls             1st Contrast: 8 balls
2nd Contrast: 7 balls         3rd Contrast: 7 balls

Main Color: 7 balls

Length from shoulder top (ex­cluding polo collar and fringe): 21 ins.

NEEDLES—Milwards "Disc" or Patons "Beehive".

1 pair No. 8, 1 set each Nos. 10 and 8.

4 Stitch Holders.

Milwards Tapestry Needle for sewing seams.

Milwards "Disc" Crochet Hook 5 M/M (No. 6) for fringe.

TENSION – 11½ stitches to 2 inches.

ABBREVIATIONS—M. = Main Color. C.1 = 1st Contrast. C.2 = 2nd Contrast. C.3 = 3rd Contrast.

PONCHO (4 pieces)

Using No. 8 Needles and C.1, cast on 196 stitches.

1st row—Knit.

2nd row—P.2 tog., purl to last 2 sts., P.2 tog.

3rd row—K.3, * y.fwd., slip 1, K.2 tog., p.s.s.o., y.fwd.. K.2, rep. from * to last st., K.1.

4th row—As 2nd row. Break off C.1.

Using C.2, 5th row—Knit.

6th row—As 2nd row.

7th row—K.1, * y.fwd., slip 1, K.2 tog., p.s.s.o., y.fwd., K.2, rep. from * to last 4 sts., y.fwd., slip 1, K.2 tog., p.s.s.o., y.fwd., K.1.

8th row—As 2nd row. Break off C.2.

Keeping continuity of patt. and working in stripes of C.3, M., C.1, C.2, continue dec. in every alt. row until 36 sts. remain.

Slip sts. on to a stitch holder and leave.


Using back-stitch, sew up seams.

With right side facing and using set of No. 10 Needles, work sts. from stitch holders as follows—

1st round—* K.1, P.1, rep. from * to end. (144 sts.)

Rep. 1st round until collar measures 2 ins.

Using set of No. 8 Needles, rep. 1st round until collar measures 5 ins.

Cast off loosely in rib.

Fold polo collar in half on to right side and slip-stitch in position.


Wind yarn round a piece of cardboard 4 ins. wide and cut along one side. Wrong side facing, using 4 strands of yarn and 5 M/M (No. 6) Hook, fold yarn in half and draw loop through a st. at lower edge, pull ends through loop and tighten. Rep. around lower edge in every 2nd st.

Other great patterns from Ponchos and Shawls, Book No. 967.

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