Knitted Mittens Pattern #5009

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Knitted Mittens Pattern #5009

Infant Size

Chadwick's Red Heart Saxony, 1 ball (⅔ oz. ball).
Milward's Phantom Knitting Pins, 1 pair No. 2 (2¾ mm. size).
Milward's steel crochet hook No. 6.

Gauge: 8½ sts make 1 inch; 12 rows make 1 inch.

Starting at cuff, cast on 34 sts and work in ribbing of k 1, p 1, for 2½ inches. Next row: * K 2, O, k 2 tog. Repeat from * across, ending row with k 2. Following row: Inc. in 1st k, k across, inc. in last st. Hereafter work in garter st (k each row) for 3 inches. On next row, dec. 6 sts at equal distances apart. Next row: K across. Repeat the last 2 rows alternately until 12 sts remain. Break off, leaving a long strand; thread a needle and run this end through the remaining sts, pull tightly and fasten securely. Sew up side seams. With crochet hook and 2 strands of yarn, make a chain the length desired. Break off. Run this chain through eyelets at wrist, and tie.

Tassels. Cut a cardboard 2 inches wide and 4 inches long. Cut a strand of yarn 12 inches long, and place it across the length of cardboard. Then wind yarn around width of cardboard about 18 times. Break off. Pick up both ends of the 12-inch length of yarn and tie securely. Slip tassel off cardboard and wind one strand several times around near top, and tie securely. Break off. Trim ends evenly. Make another same as this and sew one on each end of chain.