Crochet Fashions for Small Fry | Book No. 175 | The Spool Cotton Company

Crochet Fashions for Small Fry | Spool Cotton Company Book No. 175

Crochet Fashions for Small Fry
Book No. 175
The Spool Cotton Company
Original Copyright 1941

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Patterns Included: 
Striped Skirt; Dress and Hair Ornament; Dress and Bonnet; Dress and Calot; Overalls, Skirt, Shorts, Calot and Visor Cap; Junior Patio Pets Slippers; two Shirts; three Dresses; Suspenders; Jerkin; Hair Dos; Basque Shirt and Socks; String Gloves.

General Information

GAUGE … For perfect results your number of stitches and rows should correspond with that in the directions. Before starting your article, make a small sample of the stitch. If your working tension is too tight or too loose, use a finer or coarser needle, to obtain the correct gauge.

BLOCKING DIRECTIONS … Using rust-proof pins, pin individual pieces right-side-down on Turkish towels, fol­lowing MEASUREMENTS given at beginning of direc­tions. Press with a hot iron, through a damp cloth. When thoroughly dry, remove pins. Then sew pieces together as directed.

TO LAUNDER COTTON ARTICLES … Before laundering, measure garment carefully and record all important meas­urements. Use a good neutral soap or soap flakes; make suds in warm water. Squeeze suds through article until it is clean. Rinse thoroughly and wring out. Lay out article on Turkish towels, according to recorded measure­ments, and pin in place with rust-proof pins. Press through dry cloth. When thoroughly dry, remove pins. Press lightly where necessary.

IMPORTANT … Be sure to buy at one time sufficient material of the same dye lot to complete the article you wish to make, as it is impossible to avoid slight variations in colors in different dye lots.

Knitting Patterns: