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These instructions are for size eleven.


Columbia Spanish Knitting Worsted, 4 ounce skeins. 1 skein Khaki, 8978.


Columbia Steel Sock Needles, size 11.


7 sts = 1 inch. 9 rows = 1 inch.


Cast on 68 sts (24 sts on first needle, 22 on each of the second and third needles) and work even in k 1, p 1 ribbing for 35 rows. K 30 rows, purling the twelfth st on the first needle for seam st, then * k to within the third st of seam st, slip 1, k 1, pass the slip st over the k st, k 1, p 1, k 1, k 2 tog. K 9 rows. Repeat from * until 18 sts remain on first needle. When work measures 11 inches from start, divide sts as follows: Add 7 sts from each front needle to the heel needle (32 sts for heel and 15 sts on each front needle—62 sts).


With wrong side of work toward you, work across heel needle as follows: * Slip 1, p 1 repeat from * across row, turn. Next row, k.

Repeat these 2 rows for 32 rows, ending on a k row. Now start to turn heel, slip 1, p 1, across row, p the 22nd and 23rd sts tog, turn, k 11, k 12th and 13th sts tog. Repeat this second row until all sts are being worked (12 sts). On same needle, pick up and k 20 sts on side of heel (this is known as first needle), k across front on one needle, then pick up and k 20 sts on other side of heel, k 6 sts from first heel needle (26 sts on each heel needle, 30 sts on front needle). K on first needle to within 3 sts of end of needle, slip 1, k 1, pass the slip st over the k st, k 1, k across front needle.

On next heel needle, k 1, k 2 tog, k to end of needle, k 1 row.

Dec in this manner every other row until there are 15 sts on each heel needle and 30 sts on front needle. K 5 inches even or desired length, allowing 2 inches for toe. Dec for toe as follows: * K 2 tog, k 10, repeat from * around row. Next row, k, then * k 2 tog, k 9, repeat from * around row. Next row, k. Continue to dec in this manner every other row until there are 10 sts remaining. Weave these sts tog.

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