Knee Caps Pattern #131

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Knee Caps Pattern #131

Pattern is #412 in Fashions in Wool #77, Socks and Mittens

2 balls Fingering yarn, 3 ply (1 oz. ball)
1 pair knitting needles No. 2

GAUGE: 7½ sts. = 1 inch

Cast on 88 sts. and work in ribbing K2, P2 for 3½ inches. Work 49 sts. in ribbing, turn, slip 1, K9, turn, slip 1, K12, turn, slip 1, K15. Continue to work this way knitting 3 more sts. each row until no sts. are left over. K in garter st. for 6 rows. Now shape other end of cap: K85, turn, slip 1, K81, turn, slip 1, K78, turn, slip 1, K75, turn. Continue to work this way, knitting 3 sts. less each row until 10 sts. are left in garter st. K2, P2 for 3½ inches. Bind off loosely. K as K and P as P.
Sew up backseam and work other knee cap to correspond.