Ladies' Checked Anklets Pattern #405

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2 skeins Sock yarn m.c. (1 oz. skein)
1 skein Sock yarn c.c. (1 oz. skein)
1 pair knitting needles each No. 1 and No. 2
1 set sock needles No. 2
1 card Nylon for heel and toe reinforcement
2 stitch holders

GAUGE: 6 ½ sts. = 1 inch

PATTERN: As sock No. 404

With m.c. and No. 1 needles cast on 60 sts. and work back and forth in ribbing K 2, P 2 for 1 ½ inch. Decr. 1 st. at the end of last row of ribbing. Change to No. 2 needles and pattern and work even until sock measures 4 ½ inch. or any desired length to heel, ending with 1st row. Break off m.c. With c.c. P across 15 sts. and slip them to a holder, P across next 29 sts. for instep, P across the rem. 15 sts. and slip them to another holder. Attach m.c. and work over instep sts. only in pattern until piece measures 2 ½ inch. and slip the sts. to a sock needle (2nd needle) HEEL: Slip the 15 sts. from each holder to one needle for heel. (Make sure that center of heel is center of sock.) Attach a ball of m.c. and Nylon and starting on right side, work as follows: 1st row: * slip 1, K 1, repeat from * across row. 2nd row: P across row. Repeat these 2 rows for 24 rows ending with a P row. Turn heel on right side: slip 1, K 16, K 2 tog., K 1, turn. Slip 1, P 5, P 2 tog., P 1, turn. Slip 1, K 6, K 2 tog., K 1, turn. Slip 1, P 7, P 2 tog. P 1, turn. Continue this way always working 1 more st. on each row until 18 sts. are left on heel needle. Break yarn and cut off Nylon. Right side facing you, pick up with m.c. and a sock needle 12 sts. on one side of heel. K across 9 heel sts. (3rd needle). Take another sock needle, K the rem. 9 heel sts., pick up 12 sts. on other side of heel (1st needle). Work over 1st and 3rd needles only. 1st row: P back. 2nd row: K 1, slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o. the K st., K to the last 3 sts. on 1st needle, K 2 tog., K 1. Repeat these 2 rows until there are 30 sts. on 1st and 3rd needles tog. Work as long as instep sts. Connect the 3 needles and work all around on sock needles until foot measures 6 ½ inch. from back of heel for size 8 ½; 7 inch. for size 9; 7 ½ inch. for size 9 ½; 8 inch. for size 10, or 2 inch. shorter than desired length. Start to decr. for toe: Attach Nylon. 1st round: K to within 3 sts. of first needle, K 2 tog., K 1; on 2nd needle K 1, slip 1, K 1 and p.s.s.o. the K st., K to within 3 sts., K 2 tog., K 1; on 3rd needle K 1, slip 1, K 1 and p.s.s.o. the K st. K to end. 2nd round: K around. Repeat these 2 rounds until 20 sts. are left. Weave sts. tog. Sew up back and side seams. Steam lightly.

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