Striped Socks Pattern #5702

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Striped Socks Pattern #5702

Average Size 2 to 10 yrs. inclusive
1 Pr. Standard No. 2 Needles
SCALE: 9 sts to 1 in.
Jack Frost Fingering Fleece—1 1-oz. Ball Garnet; 1 Ball Natural

Work as given for No. 5701 in striped pattern as follows * 4 rows Natural; 2 rows Garnet; repeat from * ending with 4 rows Natural at heel. Change to Garnet and work entire heel, including the turn. Continuing with Garnet, pick up the sts on side of first half of heel; work across to the 2nd half of heel and complete the 2nd half of heel in Garnet including the turn. Pick up the sts on side of 2nd half of heel in Garnet, then purl across all sts. Change to Natural and continue in striped pattern to toe. Change to Garnet and complete the sock as given for No. 5701.