Baby Leggings Pattern #5231

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Baby Leggings Pattern #5231

Size 2

CHADWICK'S RED HEART BABY POM­PADOUR, 5 balls (¾ oz. balls).
Clark's O.N.T. Knitting Pins, 1 pair No. 1 and 1 pair No. 4.

GAUGE: 7 sts make 1 inch; 9 rows make 1 inch.

LEFT LEG … Starting at top of foot with No. 1 needles, cast on 15 sts. Work with No. 1 needles in garter st (k each row) for 36 rows (18 ridges). This completes toepiece. Pick up 18 sts along side of toepiece, then cast on 28 sts (back edge). K 1 row, pick up 18 sts along other side of toepiece, cast on 5 sts (front edge). Work in garter st on these 84 sts for 1¾ inches. Bind off (bottom of sole). With right side facing, using No. 1 needles, pick up 48 sts along cast-on edges for ankle. Work in ribbing of k 2, p 2, for 2½ inches, increasing 30 sts evenly across on last row of ribbing. Change to No. 4 needles and work these 78 sts in stockinette st (k 1 row, p 1 row) until piece measures 6 inches from top of ribbing, then inc 1 st at both ends of every other row until there are 90 sts on needle. Work 4 rows straight.
   To shape crotch, bind off 7 sts at front edge. Insert a marker at back edge to indicate top of leg seam. Dec 1 st at front edge every other row 7 times. Dec 1 st at back edge on next row, and every 10th row thereafter, until 72 sts remain. Work straight until piece measures 6½ inches from beginning of crotch, meas­uring down center of work. Change to No. 1 needles and work in ribbing of k 2, p 2, for 1½ inches. Bind off loosely in ribbing.

RIGHT LEG … Work toepiece as for Left Leg. Pick up 18 sts along side of toepiece, cast on 5 sts (front edge), work 1 row, pick up 18 sts along other side of toepiece, cast on 28 sts (back edge). Work remainder of Right Leg to corre­spond with Left Leg, reversing shaping.
   Sew leg seams. Sew crotch seams. Press lightly through damp cloth with hot iron. With triple strand of yarn, make a chain 36 inches long and run through waist ribbing.

POMPON (Make 2) ... Use a piece of cardboard 1¼ inches wide. Lay a double strand of yarn 6 inches long along length of cardboard. Wind a double strand of yarn 45 times around width of cardboard over the 6-inch length. Slip yarn off cardboard, tie the ends of 6-inch length securely, cut strands of pompon and trim evenly. Sew one pompon to each end of cord.