Mittens in Shaded Colors Pattern #1516

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Mittens in Shaded Colors Pattern #1516

MATERIALS REQUIRED—American Thread Company "Dawn" Knitting Worsted Shaded or Solid Colors.

2- 1¾ or 2 ounce Skeins.

1 Set Double Pointed Steel Knitting Needles No. 13.

Cast on 34 sts, 10-12-12 join, being careful not to twist stitches. P 1 round, K 1 round. Repeat these 2 rounds 5 times, continue work in stockinette st, (K each round). Work even for 2½ inches.

Next Round—K sts of 1 st needle, K 4 sts on 2nd needle, increase in next st, K 1, increase in next st, (this starts the thumb) K remaining sts and K 2 rounds even.

Next Round—K 14, increase, K 3, increase, K to end of round and work 2 rounds even. Continue increas­ing in same manner every 3rd round until 12 sts have been increased.

Next Round—K 15, place next 12 sts on a safety pin (thumb) cast on 4 sts on right hand needle, complete round and continue work until mitten reaches the tip of little finger, when tried on.

Next Round—Decrease 5 sts equal distance apart. K 3 rounds even, repeat the last 4 rounds until 18 sts remain.

Next Round—* K 1, K 2 together, repeat from * until 9 sts remain, break yarn leaving a 7 inch length, thread into needle and draw remaining sts together fastening yarn on the wrong side. Place 12 thumb sts on 2 needles and with 3rd needle pick up the 4 cast on thumb sts and 1 st each side of cast on sts.

In Next Round—Decrease the extra st each side (this prevents a hole). Continue on 16 sts until work is ½ inch from the tip of thumb when tried on.

Next Round—* K 3, K 2 together, repeat from * all around and K 1 round even.

Next Round—* K 1, K 2 together repeat from * until 6 sts remain, break yarn leaving a length to finish same as mitten. Work 2nd mitten to correspond.