Beanie Pattern #1538

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MATERIALS REQUIRED—American Thread Company "Dawn" Knitting Worsted.

1 2-oz. Skein, White or Colors.

4 Double Pointed Knitting Needles No. 6.

Cast on 96 sts—32 on each of 3 needles.

K 2, P 2 for 35 rows. (About 5 inches.)

K 6, P 2 for 22 rows. (About 3 inches.)

Then decrease every row at each end of each needle until 4 sts remain on each needle. (To decrease, K 1, Sl 1, K 1, pass the slipped st over the K st, K to within the last 3 sts on needle, K 2 together, K 1) break yarn leaving an end, thread into a large needle, draw through all sts and fasten firmly.

This Beanie can also be made of "Dawn" Germantown Wool.