Cable Socks Pattern #122

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Cable Socks Pattern #122

Sizes 2 to 3 Years

1 ball Saxony 3 fold (1 oz. ball)
1 set bone sock needles No. 1 and No. 2

GAUGE: Size 2 needles 7½ = 1 inch

   Cast on 40 sts. (12-12-16 sts.) with No. 1 needles and K1, P1 for 1 inch. Change to No. 2 needles and pattern: K12, P2, K4, P2, K12, P2, K4, P2. Repeat this round twice more. 4th round: K12, P2, slip next 2 sts to an extra needle and hold in front of work, K next 2 sts., K the sts. off the extra needle (a cable made) P2, K12, P2, cable the next 4 sts., P2. Continue to work this way and cable the K4 sts. every 4th row until sock measures 4½ inches. Discontinue the cable and slip 20 sts. (starting in center of one cable to center of other cable) to 2 needles for instep and work on remaining 20 sts. the heel. Follow from here on instructions as given for sock No. 121 until 40 sts. are left in round. K even until 5 inches (or any desired length) from tip of heel and decrease for toe as follows: Slip 1 st. from first and 3rd needle on to 2nd needle (10-20-10 sts.). Finish toe as on sock No. 121.