Leaf Edging Pattern

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Leaf Edging Pattern

Materials: These edgings and insertions are given to many and varied uses. If a knitted edge is desired on the spread, rather than fringe, the same thread is used—Star Crochet Cord, Gem or De Luxe Knitting and Crochet Cotton—and the same size crochet hook is also necessary.

These edgings and insertions would be lovely for decorating linens, if made of No. 50 or 60 "Silkine" Crochet Cotton. These threads require very fine steel knitting needles.

This use is appropriate in a Colonial room.

Circular or Straight Knitting Needles. Lace is worked lengthwise. Pattern requires a multiple of 11 sts. Allow 10 sts to an inch of completed lace, if made of coarse cotton, and cast on required number of sts.

Using Circular Needle

If the desired amount of lace required 8 is longer than can be conveniently handled on the straight needles, it is advisable to use a circular steel needle. This enables one to cast on as many sts as required, up to 500 or 600, thus avoiding the usual seaming for unusual length. If fine thread is used, straight needles are necessary as the circular needles are too coarse.

The finished work is exactly the same as when straight needles are used.

When the row is completed, instead of changing needles from left to right, as in using straight needles, the circular needle is turned and the next row started. This keeps the work open on each end.

1st row: * N, o, k 1, o, k 6, n, repeat from * across row. 2nd row: P. Each alternate row is p, so no directions are given. 3rd row: * N, k 1, o, k 1, o, k 5, n, repeat from *. 5th row: * N, k 2, o, k 1, o, k 4, n, repeat from *. 7th row: * N, k 3, o, k 1, o, k 3, n, repeat from *. 9th row: * N, k 4, o, k 1, o, k 2, n, repeat from *. 11th row: * N, k 5, o, k 1, o, k 1, n, repeat from *. 13th row: * N, k 6, o, k 1, o, n, repeat from *. 15th row: * K 9, o, n, repeat from *. 17th and 18th rows: K 1 st and p 1 st across row. Bind off.