Knitted Sun Suit Pattern #5311

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Knitted Sun Suit Pattern #5311

Sizes 2 and 4

Size 2: 2 Balls White, 3 Balls Color
Size 4: 3 Balls White, 3 Balls Color
1 pair each Bone Knitting Needles No. 1 and No. 2.
1 yd. Elastic ⅜" wide.

Gauge: 7 sts = 1 inch. 9 rows = 1 inch.
Directions are given for size 2, size 4 is given in brackets.

BLOOMERS. Work in stockinette st (k 1 row, p 1 row) working in stripes of 4 rows White and 4 rows Color. The stripe pattern will not be referred to again in directions. With White, on #2 needles, cast on 9 sts and work 4 rows even. Work one edge even and increase 1 st at other edge every row until there are 35 sts on needle ending on the shaped side. Cast on 35 (42) sts and work 30 (38) rows even.
The long straight edge is the leg edge of bloomers and the short straight edge is the waist edge of bloomer, the shaped section is the back seam.
Next Row. Continue working leg edge even and decrease 1 st every 9th row at same edge until 12 sts have been decreased.
Next 14 Rows. Work even ending at waist edge.
Next Row. Bind off 23 (30) sts and work to end of row, then decrease 1 st each row on shaped side of work only until 9 sts remain. Work 3 rows even, bind off. Across leg edge, with Color and # 1 needle, pick up 84 (90) sts (about 5 sts in each 3 stripes) and work in ribbing of K 2, P 2, for 10 rows, bind off in ribbing. Across waist edge, with Color and #1 needle, pick up 80 (84) sts and work in ribbing for 14 rows, bind off in ribbing. Work a 2nd section to correspond, reversing the shaping of back by starting increases at the beginning of the 4th row instead of the 5th row as in 1st section. Sew leg seam, then sew back and front seams matching stripes. Crochet casing for elastic as follows: with wrong side of work toward you attach yarn ¼ inch from upper edge of waist band, * ch 5, sl st in next rib ½ inch below, ch 5, sl st in next rib ½ inch above, repeat from * all around. Work a similar casing on leg bands.
BRA. With White, on #2 needles, cast on 90 (98) sts and K 3 rows, break yarn. Attach Color and work in stockinette st for 3 (3½) inches ending with a purl row, break yarn. Attach White, K 3 rows and bind off.
TIES. With right side of work toward you, with White and #1 needles, pick up 15 sts on short side of band and * K each row for 1 inch. Next row decrease 1 st each side, repeat from * once. Work even until White section measures 9½ inches, bind off. Work other side to correspond. Work a row of s c across long sides. To form points on ends of ties: fold ends through center on wrong side and seam, turn to right side.
BAND FOR CENTER OF BRA. On #1 needles, with White, cast on 24 sts and K 3 rows, bind off. Shirr bra through center and attach band in position.
STRAP. On #1 needles, with White, cast on 7 sts and K each row for 12 inches or length required, bind off. Work a row of s c across long sides. Attach to bra.