Fringed Shortigan Pattern #900

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Fringed Shortigan Pattern #900

SIZES:   12 (14-16)
             12 ozs. (13 ozs. - 14 ozs.)
1 pair No. 5 Aluminum knitting needles
1 pair No. 11 wooden knitting needles

BACK: With No. 5 needles cast on 53 (57-61) sts and work in K1, P1, ribbing for 2 inches.

Change to No. 11 needles and work in stockinette for 9 (9½-10) inches.

Start armhole as follows:

1st row: K2, Purl 1 work to within 3 sts of end of row, P1, K2.

2nd row: P2, sl 1, K1, PSSO, work to last 4 sts, K2 together, P2.

Repeat these 2 rows until 17 (19-21) sts remain.

Bind off for back of neck.

LEFT FRONT: With No. 5 needles, cast on 31 (33-35) sts. Work in ribbing keeping the first 6 sts on front edge in seed st border. Work in same manner as back until piece measures same as back to underarm.

1st row: K2, P1, continue across row.

2nd row: Work across row until 4 sts from end, K2 together, P2.

Repeat last 2 rows until 16 (18-20) sts remain.

At neck edge bind off 7 (8-8) sts once and continue to dec. at arm edge on next row. Bind off 4 (5-5) once and 3 sts once.

RIGHT FRONT: Work same as left front, reversing all shaping and forming first buttonhole when work measures ½ inch. To make button hole, work 3 sts, cast off 1 st., continue across row. On next row cast on 1 st over bound off st. Make 7 more buttonholes evenly spaced to neck.

SLEEVE: With No. 5 needles cast on 35 (39-43) sts and work in ribbing for 1½ inches. Change to No. 11 needles and inc. 1 st each side of work every 1½ inch, 41 (47-53) sts. Work straight until piece measures 10 (10½-11) inches. Dec. in same manner as back of sweater until 5 sts remain. Bind off.

COLLAR: With No. 11 needles cast on 49 (49-51) sts. Work in stockinette st for 1½ inches. Change to size 5 needles and work 1 inch. Work short rows as follows:

1st row: work within 8 sts from end of work, turn.

2nd row: slip 1 st, work within 8 sts of end of work, turn.

3rd row: slip 1 st, work within 9 sts of last short row, turn.

4th row: same as row 3.

5th row: slip first st, work 31 (31-33) sts, turn.

6th row: work across all sts.

7th row: bind off.

To make fringe, wind yarn around piece of cardboard 4 inches wide. Cut 1 end.

Attach fringe to collar by pulling strand of yarn thru each stitch.

Block all pieces.

Assemble sweater — sew on buttons.