Mittens Patterns

Infants to Six Months Mittens Pattern #94

YARN: 1-ounce of Knitting Worsted or 1-ounce of Germantown.
NEEDLES: 1-pr. #3 Single Point.

Infants Size Mittens Pattern #93

YARN: 1 ounce of Knitting Worsted or Germantown.
NEEDLES: 1-pr. #4 Single Point.

Starting at the cuff with the #4 needles cast on 29 sts and work in ribbing of k 1, p 1, for 5 rows.

2 Year Old Mittens Pattern #92

YARN: 2-ounces of Knitting Worsted.
NEEDLES: 1-pr. #2 Single Point. 1-pr. #4 Single Point.

Ladies Mocked Stitch Cable Mittens Pattern #91

REQUIREMENTS: Two 2 – ounce skeins Fluffy yarn or Knitting Worsted used two strands.
NEEDLES: 1 – pr. #10 Single Pointed Needles.

Thumbless Mittens Pattern | Infants to 6 Months

Infants to 6 Months

Materials—Fleisher’s Wonderized Babyfair, 1 ball; or Fleisher’s Baby Zephyr, 3-fold, 1 ball.

Double Pointed White Knitting Needles, 2 pairs Size 1.

Gauge: 17 sts = 2 inches; 12 rounds = 1 inch

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