Cardigan Pattern

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Cardigan 3 Pattern


4 1-oz. Balls 3-ply Fingering Yarn
1 Pr. Size 3 Standard Knitting Needles
1 Pr. Size 1 Standard Knitting Needles

Gauge: 7 sts to 1 in.

Back: With size 3 needles cast on 73 sts. Work as given for Pullover Pattern. Omit ribbing for back of neck.
Right Front: With size 3 needles cast on 41 sts. Work as follows: P 2, K 5, P 2; K 1, P 1, across row. Row 2—K 1, P 1, over 32 sts, K 2, P 5, K 2. Repeat above 2 rows working a buttonhole on the 7th and every 14th row thereafter as follows: P 2, K 2, Y O, K 2 tog., K 1, P 2, work across row.
Work back purling the Y O as a st. Work even until 12 rows in all have been made, then keeping the first 9 sts worked in pattern of P 2, K 5, P 2, on the right side, and remaining sts in stockinette st, work even until piece measures 7½ in. from lower edge. Bind off 5 sts at under­arm edge once. Work even until piece measures 2½ in. from underarm. Place first 9 sts at neck edge on st-holder. Bind off next 3 sts, work across row. Decrease 1 st at neck edge every other row 4 times. Starting at shoulder edge, bind off 10 sts every other row 2 times.
Left Front: Work as given for right front, binding off for underarm on right side and omitting but­tonholes. Sew shoulder seams.
Sleeves: Work as given for Cardigan Pattern. Sew underarm and sleeve seams.
Neckband: Work as given for Cardigan Pattern 1 row of s c across front edges.