Mohair Coat and Hat | No. 774 | Doll Clothes Pattern

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This free pattern originally published by Hilde as Clothes for Fashion Model Dolls, Volume 99.

1 ball Mohair
1 oz. Knitting Worsted
1 pair knitting needles No. 6
3 buttons

GAUGE: 4 sts. = 1 inch


Starting on bottom of back cast on 16 sts. with No. 6 needles. Work in stock. st. for 2 rows. P 1 row on right side for hemline. Cont. stock. st. and work even for 5 inch. Cast on 10 sts. at the beg. of the next 2 rows for sleeve (36 sts.) Work even for 7 rows. K across 15 sts. and slip them to a holder, bind off next 6 sts. for neck, K across rem. 15 sts. only for front. Work even for 3 rows, cast on 6 sts. at beg. of next row for neck (21 sts.) Work even for 3 more rows. Bind off 10 sts. at sleeve edge and work on rem. 11 sts. for 5 inch. P 1 row on right side for hemline, work 2 more rows stock. st. and bind off. Connect yarn to other side of neck edge, slip sts. from holder back to needle and finish this front to correspond, reversing all shapings.


Wrong side facing you pick up with No. 6 needles 20 sts. around neck edge and work in ribbing K 1, P 1 for 3 rows. Change to stock. st. and work even for 8 rows. Bind off loosely.

POCKET: (Make 2)

Cast on 5 sts. with No. 6 needles and work in stock. st. for 6 rows. Bind off loosely.


Sew up underarm and side seams. Turn up hem and sew to wrong side. Sew pockets and buttons in place and block to size.


Cast on 24 sts. with No. 6 needles and work in ribbing K 1, P 1 for 6 rows. K2tog. across next row. P2tog. across next row. K2tog. across next row. Break yarn, leaving an 8 inch end, thread a tapestry needle with this end and run through rem. 3 sts. Pull sts. tog. tightly and sew up back of hat.

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