Boy's Bath Robe and Slippers Pattern #610

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Boy's Bath Robe and Slippers Pattern #610


American Thread Company "Dawn" Germantown Wool.
19—½-oz. Balls, Shaded Reds
7—½-oz. Balls, Red
1 Pr. Bone Knitting Needles #3, 14 inches long
Steel Circular Knitting Needle #3
Bone Crochet Hook #4
4 Buttons
½ yd. elastic for slippers.

13 sts = 2 inches; 18 rows = 2 inches

On straight needles with Shaded Reds, cast on 30 sts.
1st Row. K 1, (front) yarn over, K 1, yarn over, K 1 (sleeve) y o, K 1, y o, K 22, (back) y o, K 1, y o, K 1, (sleeve) y o, K 1, y o, K 1 (front).
2nd and all even rows Purl.
3rd Row. K 2, y o, K 1, y o, K 3, y o, K 1, y o, K 24, y o, K 1, y o, K 3, y o, K 1, y o, K 2.
Continue work increasing 8 sts in each K row by throwing yarn over before and after each seam st until there are 13 holes in raglan (134 sts). Then, still increasing same as before, increase 1 st each end of every other row until 11 sts have been added each side. Continue increasing until there are 276 sts (place sts on a circular needle when too many for straight needle).
Next Row. K 40 sts, place these on a thread and work on next 59 sleeve sts for 2 inches.
Next Row. Increase one st each side then increase one st each side every 2 inches twice. K even until underarm is desired length, bind off.
Knit across back and put these sts on a thread and work 2nd sleeve same as 1st.
Knit across remaining sts, purl back, pick up back sts and other side of front increase every 12th st every 4th row 3 times, and work even until length desired, bind off. With Red crochet 8 rows of s c on each side of front and lower edge of robe.
CUFFS. 12 rows of s c.
COLLAR. Work a row of s c around neck drawing it in to measure about 18 inches.
2nd, 3rd & 4th Rows. 1 s c in each s c.
5th Row. Decrease until neck measures 15 inches and work 1 row even.
POCKET. With Shaded Reds, cast on 15 sts, K 1 row, P 1 row for 1 inch then decrease 1 st each side every row until 3 sts remain, bind off.
With Red. Crochet 2 rows of s c across top and one row all around.
FROGS. With Red, ch 13, sl st in 1st ch to form a loop, ch 14, sl st in 13th st from hook to form another loop, 1 s c between loops, 1 s c in each of the first 4 sts of loop, 2 d c in each of the next 5 sts, 1 s c in each of the last 4 sts, 1 s c in ch and work other loop to correspond.
CORD. Measure off 8 lengths 125 inches long, twist tightly and fold through center letting it twist itself, finish ends with tassels made of about 40 lengths 5 inches long and doubled.
Crochet a chain of 11 sts at sides of robe to hold cord in place.


With Shaded Reds, ch 29 and work 28 s c on ch, ch 1, turn, 1 s c in each s c picking up back loop of st only. Continue rows of s c until slipper measures about 6½ inches or is length desired. Sew front and back seam.
BEADING. Ch 5, 1 d c between each ridge with ch 2 between dc.
CUFF. With Red. 1 s c in each d c and ch. Work 6 more rows of s c.
This set may also be made in "Dawn" Knitting Worsted.

Boy's Bath Robe and Slippers Pattern #610