Infant's and Children's Wear | American Thread Book 6-E

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Infant's and Children's Wear | American Thread Book 6-E

Infant's and Children's Wear
Book 6-E
American Thread Company
No Copyright Published

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Patterns Included: 
Child's Dress, Bolero & Hat, Child's Crocheted Dress, 5-Piece Baby Set, Child's Coat, Hat & Bag, Infant's Crocheted Set, Crocheted Penguin, Toy Elephant, Toy Ball, Crocheted Dog, Doll's Coat & Hat, Crocheted Afghan, Crocheted Carriage Cover, Knitted Bathing Suit, Boy's Bath Robe & Slippers, Girl's Bath Robe & Slippers, Knitted Baby Set, Brother & Sister Suit, Boy's Knitted Sweater, Girl's Knitted Sweater, Child's Legging Suit, Baby Bunting, Infant's Knitted Set.


Knit K
Purl P
Narrow N
Over O
Stitch St
2 Rows Ridge
Chain ch
Slip Stitch sl st
Single Crochet s c
Short Double Crochet s d c
Double Crochet d c
Treble Crochet tr c
Double Treble Crochet d tr c
Open Mesh o m
Solid Mesh s m
Picot p
Double Picot d p

An asterisk (*) indicates that the directions immediately following are to be repeated the given number of times in addition to the ones already given. Thus "repeat from * 3 times" means 4 patterns in all.

An even row means work row without increasing or decreasing.