Child's Legging Suit Pattern #616

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Child's Legging Suit Pattern #616


American Thread Company "Dawn"' Germantown Wool
9—1-oz. Balls, White or Colors
1 Pr. #4 Bone Knitting Needles 14 inches long
1—4-inch Talon Slide Fastener
½ yard elastic.

Pattern: 10 sts = 2 inches; 18 rows = 2 inches

1st Row. K 1, P 1.
2nd Row. P 1, K 1.
3rd Row. Purl.
4th Row. Knit.


Cast on 54 sts and work 3 inches in ribbing (K 2, P 2). Work pattern for 9 inches then increase one st each side every other row 3 times.
Next 2 rows, cast on 24 sts for sleeves and work 2¼ inches.
Next row, work 48 sts, place these on a stitch holder, bind off 12 sts for neck, work across remaining sts and continue left shoulder and front.
Next 3 rows decrease 1 st at neck side and work 8 rows even.
Next 3 rows increase one st at neck side. Cast on 6 sts for front of neck and work 2¼ inches even. Bind off 24 sleeve sts and decrease one st every other row at underarm 3 times. Work other shoulder and front to correspond. Join fronts and finish same as back.
COLLAR. Pick up 70 sts around neck and work in ribbing for 3 inches, bind off.
CUFFS. Pick up 30 sts at edge of sleeve and work 3 inches in ribbing.


Cast on 60 sts and work 1 inch in ribbing.
Beading, K 1, yarn over, K 2 together, repeat to end of row.
Work 1 more inch in ribbing then shape back as follows: K 2, P 2, K 2, turn and work back to end of row.
2nd Row. Work across 12 sts, turn and work back to end of row.
3rd Row. Work across 18 sts, turn and work back to end of row.
4th Row. Work across 24 sts, turn and work back to end of row.
Next Row work across all sts.
Next row start pattern and work 6½ inches even. Decrease one st each side every other row 14 times and work 3 inches in ribbing (K 2, P 2).
Next row K across 24 sts, turn, K 16 sts, turn and work 14 rows on 16 sts. Pick up 9 sts at side of tab and 8 sts on needle, turn, K 33 sts, pick up 9 sts on other side of tab and 8 sts left on needle and K 8 rows. Bind off and work other leg to correspond reversing pattern.
Sew seams and sew elastic for underfoot.

Crochet a cord the length desired, lace through eyelets at top of leggings and finish ends with tassels. This suit may also be made in "Dawn" Knitting Worsted.

If a lighter weight garment is desired use "Dawn" Shetland Floss or "Dawn" Pompadown Yarn. If one size larger needles are used the same directions may be followed.