Girl's Bath Robe and Slippers Pattern #611

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Girl's Bath Robe and Slippers Pattern #611


American Thread Company "Dawn" Germantown Wool.
21—½-oz. Balls, Shaded Pinks
8—½-oz. Balls, Pink
1 Pr. Bone Knitting Needles, #3, 14 inches long
Steel Circular Knitting Needle #3
Bone Crochet Hook #4
2 Buttons.

13 sts = 2 inches; 18 rows = 2 inches

Work same as boys' robe to underarm. When sleeves are completed and back and front sts picked up work even for 2½ inches.
Next Row. * Increase every 12th st and work 3 rows even, repeat from * 3 times and work even until robe measures 18 inches or is length desired, bind off.
With Pink crochet 8 rows of s c across lower edge and sides, working 2 buttonholes in right side of 3rd row. 2 s c, ch 3, skip 3 sts, 11 s c, ch 3, skip 3 sts and finish row of s c. In next row work 1 s c in each st and ch.
COLLAR. With Pink work a row of s c around neck draw­ing it in to fit if necessary, break yarn. Join at beginning of shaded yarn work 1 s c in each s c leaving pink band on other side of front free, ch 1, turn.
3rd Row. * Increase in every 5th st and work 1 row even, repeat from * twice and work 7 more rows even.
CUFFS. Work 12 rows of s c around lower edge of sleeve. Crochet loops at sides to hold belt in position.
BELT. Ch 7, and work 6 s c on ch, ch 1, turn and continue rows of s c until belt measures 47 inches or length desired and finish with a 4 inch fringe.


With shaded Pinks ch 25 and work 24 s c on ch, ch 1, turn.
2nd Row. 1 s c in each s c taking up back loop of st only. Repeat 2nd row until work measures 5½ inches or length desired. Break yarn.
Sew front and back seam.
BEADING. Ch 3, 1 s c in each rib with 3 ch between. With Pink, 1 s c in center of loop, ch 3, 1 s c in next loop, repeat all around and work 2 more rows of loops.
CORD. Make a ch 13 inches long, lace through beading and finish with small pompoms.
This set may also be made with "Dawn" Knitting Worsted.

Girl's Bath Robe and Slippers Pattern #611