Boy's Knitted Sweater Pattern #614

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Boy's Knitted Sweater Pattern #614


American Thread Company "Dawn" Germantown Wool.
4—1 oz. Balls Amber or any Color desired.
1 Pr. Bone Knitting Needles #8
6 Small Buttons.

5 sts = 1 inch; 13 rows = 2 inches

Cast on 108 sts.
1st Row. K 1 st, P 1 st, repeat to end of row.
2nd Row. P 1 st, K 1 st, repeat to end of row and repeat these two rows of seed st twice.
7th Row. K 1 st, P 1 st. Bind off 2 sts for buttonhole. K 1, P 1 to within the last 6 sts, these and the first 6 sts are worked in seed st all the way up the fronts and are not referred to again in the directions.
8th Row. Purl and cast on the 2 sts in border for buttonhole.
9th Row. K 2, P 2, repeat to end of row.
10th Row. Purl.
11th Row. Knit.
12th Row. Purl.
13th Row. K 2, P 2. The last 4 rows form the pattern and are repeated for entire sweater.
Repeat pattern for 6½ inches ending with right front and spacing buttonholes about 2¼ inches apart.
Next Row begin shaping armholes. Work 30 sts and slip on a thread (right front), K 48 and slip on a thread (back) K on remaining 30 sts for left front, keeping the front edge even and decreasing 1 st at armhole every 3rd row 14 times, bind off.
Slip 48 back sts on needle and decrease 1 st each side every 3rd row 14 times. Work other front to correspond.
SLEEVE. Cast on 30 sts, work 6 rows in seed st. Change to pattern st, work 1 inch even and then increase 1 st each side then increase 1 st at each end every ¾ inch 6 more times, keeping pattern straight. Work until sleeve measures 8 inches then decrease 1 st each end every 3rd row 14 times, bind off remaining sts and work other sleeve to correspond. Sew sleeves in position.
COLLAR. With wrong side of work toward you and omitting the seed st border at each side, pick up and knit 50 sts, 9 at each front, 8 at each sleeve and 16 at back. Work in seed st for 2½ inches. Finish with buttons. This sweater may also be made in "Dawn" Knitting Worsted.