Diamond Socks

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Materials Required:
3 ounces Navy
1 ounce each White, Med. Blue, Scarlet or Red, and Amber or Canary or colors of your choice
1 set Bobbins

GAUGE: 8 sts = 1 inch

Wind 3 bobbins of ▢ Main color (Navy), 1 bobbin ▧ (Med. Blue), 1 bobbin ▩ (Amber or Canary), 1 bobbin ▣ White and 1 bobbin ■ (Scarlet or Red).
With main color cast on 64 sts loosely, work in ribbing of K 2, P 2 for 2 inches decreasing 4 sts on last row of ribbing (60 sts). Work in stockinette st of (K 1 row, P 1 row) and follow chart for pattern.
1st ROW: With main color ▢ K 14, drop ▢, attach ▧ (When changing colors al­ways pick up new color from underneath, color which is dropped, thus twisting yarns around each other to avoid a hole), K 2, drop ▧, attach 1st bobbin or main color ▢ K 28, drop ▢, attach ▩ K 2, drop ▩, attach 2nd bobbin of main ▢ color K 14, turn. Continue to follow chart until 4 dia­monds have been completed ending with a P row.
HEEL: With Main color and a free double pointed needle K 16 sts (1 st half of heel), work across next 28 sts increasing 1 st in first and last st (30 sts for instep). Place these 30 sts on a holder. With a free double pointed needle work across remain­ing 16 sts (2nd half of heel), cut bobbins.
Join these 32 heel sts having the joining of the heel in center of needle. Work in stockinette st (K 1 row, P 1 row) for 2½ inches (always slipping first st at begin­ning of each row on the 2½ inches of heel piece), ending with a P row. Start to turn heel: Slip 1, K 17, slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., K 1, turn; Slip 1, P 5, P 2 tog, P 1, turn; Slip 1, K 6, slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., K 1, turn. Slip 1, P 7, P 2 tog, P 1, turn. Continue in the above manner until all sts have been worked ending with a K row (18 sts on needle). Divide these sts on 2 needles; with 9 sts on needle, pick up and K 16 sts on side of heel (1st needle), work across the 30 sts of instep (2nd needle), pick up and K 16 sts on other side of heel, work remaining sts of heel on 3rd needle. Work 1 round even. NEXT ROUND: De­crease as follows: 1st needle: K to within 3 sts of end of needle, K 2 tog, K 1; 2nd needle: K across; 3rd needle: K 1, slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., K to end of round. Repeat last 2 rounds until there are 64 sts on needles. Work even until foot measure 8½ inches or 2 inches less than length desired. DECREASE FOR TOE: Place one st from first needle and one st from 3rd needle on 2nd needle (16 sts on 1st needle, 32 sts on 2nd needle, 1 6 sts on 3rd needle), then decrease as follows: 1st needle: K to within 3 sts of end of needle, K 2 tog, K 1; 2nd needle: K 1, slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., work to within 3 sts of end of same needle, K 2 tog, K 1; 3rd needle: K 1, slip 1, K 1, p.s.s.o., and work to end of round. K one round even. Repeat these 2 rounds until 16 sts remain, 8 sts on 2nd needle and 4 sts on other 2 needles ending with first needle. K 4 sts from No. 1 needle to No. 3 needle and weave these sts tog.
FINISHING: Fasten all ends. Sew back of sock matching the diamonds.
Work other sock in same manner reversing diamonds to correspond.

Other great patterns from Socks Socks Socks and Mittens, Too, Book No. 169.

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