Boucle Fashions | Book No. 71 | The Clark Thread Company

Boucle Fashions | Book No. 71 | The Clark Thread Company

Boucle Fashions
Book No. 71
Clark's O.N.T.
The Clark Thread Company
Original Copyright 1936

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Patterns Included: 
Turret Collar, Skyrocket Collar, Chiming Bells Collar, Sea Foam Collar, Afternoon Dress, Steeplechase Suit, Twill Knit Suit, Lacy Leaf Dress, Streamline Suit, Honeycomb Blouse, Everglades Suit, Chevronette Dress.

For Correct Size or Shaping

To insure perfect fitting of crocheted or knitted gar­ments, it is advisable to make a tracing on heavy paper of a pattern that fits you. Make a tracing for both the back and front and for sleeves, if the garment you are making has them. The tracing can be made from any good commercial foundation pat­tern. As your work progresses, lay it over the draw­ing from time to time and increase or decrease as necessary to make the garment fit. For crocheted garments, lay your first chain of stitches onto your pattern. The chain should be approximately one-fifth longer than your pattern is wide as the crochet stitches take up this amount in the chain.

If you crochet or knit very loosely, use a smaller hook or needles than specified, and if your work is unusually tight, use larger sizes.


Pin fronts carefully so that underarm seams, shoulder seams and armholes correspond to back measure­ments. Spread out sleeves so as to retain proper length and width and pin.

Lay a wet cloth over the garment and leave until garment is dry. Then press with a damp cloth. Take away pins.

Block skirt in the same way, stretching it 2 inches in length and to desired width at waist, hip and lower edge.

How to Block (press) Boucle Garments: Lay a padding on a large table or floor where the indi­vidual pieces of the entire garment can be spread out. Place a damp cloth over the padding. Lay pieces wrong side up and pin every half inch across shoulders and back of neck. Stretch back to the length desired, keeping the stitches straight. Pin across lower edge and also along sides until the right width.