Knitted Cap Pattern

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Knitted Cap Pattern

American Thread Company "Dawn" Pompadour Yarn.
1 Ball White and 1 Ball of Color
1 Pr. Bone Knitting Needles #11.

With White cast on 50 sts and K 48 rows. Attach color and K 60 rows bind off loosely.
To make Cap. Fold in half having the color over the White and sew the cast on and bound off ends together on wrong side, turn on right side again and fold in half crosswise so that seam just made will be the back of cap. Sew back seam. Sew the two sections together very loosely across lower edge of cap. Turn back color over White for about 2 inches for front of cap. Lace ribbon through sts at lower edge of cap to form ties and finish with 3 rosebuds as illustrated.