Kathy Doll Pattern #556

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Kathy Doll Pattern #556

YARN: 1-ounce of 3-ply Baby Yarn or Nylon
NEEDLES: 1-pr. No. 2 single pointed
CROCHET HOOK: 1 steel No. 4
RIBBON: 12 inches of 3 inch satin for slip.
1-yd. narrow ribbon
8-inch Character Doll

   DRESS: Starting at the bottom of skirt, cast on 110 sts and knit 3 rows. Pattern: Row 1: Purl across row. Row 2: Knit across row. Row 3: Purl across. Row 4: Knit across. Row 5: Purl across. Row 6: Knit across. Row 7: Knit across. Row 8: K 2, * yarn over, k 2 tog, repeat from * across row, ending with yarn over, k 2 tog. Row 9: Purl across row, including the yarn overs. Row 10: Purl across row. Repeat these 10 rows until 4 patterns have been completed. Work rows 1 to 3 incl. Row 4: * k 1, k 2 tog, repeat from * across row (74 sts). Row 5: Purl across. Row 6: Knit 2 sts together across row (37 sts). Row 7: Knit across row, decreasing 7 sts across row (30 sts). Now work the 8th-9th-10th rows as in above pattern. Bodice: Now work 5 rows of stockinette stitch, ending with a purl row. Separation: K 6 sts and place onto a st holder (back); bind off 2 sts, knit 14 sts and place onto a st holder for front; bind off 2 sts, knit last 6 sts. Working on these 6 sts, make 6 rows of stockinette st. Bind off all sts. Place the 6 sts of back onto the needle, tie yarn in and work to correspond to other side. Front: Place the sts onto the needle, tie yarn in so the first row is a purl row. Work 3 rows even. Knit 3 sts, bind off 8 sts, knit 3 sts. Work 3 rows even on these 3 sts for shoulder. Bind off. Tie yarn in at the other 3 sts and work to correspond. Finishing: Sew shoulders. Sew up back of skirt. Tie yarn at back of waist and work 1 row of s c up back, around neck and down other side of back. Make 1 row of loops for button holes on one side of the back. Break yarn.

   SLEEVES: Cast on 10 sts and knit 3 rows. Work in stockinette st increasing 1 st at each side of the work every 6th row until there are 16 sts on the needle. Work even until the piece measures 2 inches in all. Bind off. Sew up sleeve, sew into armhole.

   PANTIES: Cast on 28 sts and work in ribbing of k 1, p 1, for 3 rows. Now work in stockinette st for 12 rows. Bind off all sts loosely. Sew up seam. Slip onto doll and catch from back to front to form a crotch. Gather 3 inch ribbon at one side and draw tightly to fit doll's waist. Trim with ribbon as in illustration.