Surplice Sweater Pattern

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Surplice Sweater Pattern

Directions are for 6-month size. Changes for 1-year size are in parentheses.

NOMOTTA Non-Shrink Mothproof Baby Wool or Pompadour
2 1-oz balls Main Color (MC)
1 1-oz ball Contrasting Color (CC)
1 pair needles size 2
4 small pearl buttons

GAUGE: 8 sts = 1 inch; 12 rows = 1 inch

PATTERN STITCH: On a multiple of 4 stitches plus 3.
ROW 1: (right side) With MC, knit across.
ROW 2: Purl across.
ROW 3: With MC, K 3; *K 1 CC, K 3 MC; repeat from * across.
ROW 4: With MC, P 3, *K 1 CC, P 3 MC; repeat from * across.
ROWS 5 AND 6: Same as Rows 1 and 2.
ROW 7: With MC, K 1; K 1 CC, *K 3 MC, K 1 CC; repeat from * end with K 1 MC.
ROW 8: Purl the MC and knit the CC.
Repeat these 8 rows for Pattern.

BACK: With MC, cast on 87 (91) sts. Work firmly in rib­bing of K 1, P 1 for 1 inch. Change to Pattern and work straight until back measures 6 ins from start, end with a pat­tern row. Place a marker at each end to indicate start of sleeves.

SLEEVES: With MC, cast on 26 sts at end of next 2 rows; 139 (143) sts. Keeping 3 sts at each end in Garter-st (K every row) for borders, continue in pattern until sleeve edge measures 3 (3¼) ins (measure from inside border), end on wrong side. Next row: Work across 56 (57) sts in Pattern, knit next 27 (29) sts, work in Pattern to end of row. Working the center 27 (29) sts in Garter-st until there are 3 ridges (6 rows) work across center sts, end on wrong side. Next Row work across 59 (60) sts, slip these sts on a holder or to end of needle for sleeve and Right Front. Bind off firmly next 21 (23) sts for back of neck, work in Pattern to end of row. Place a marker in center of last row to indicate end of shoulder.

LEFT FRONT: Keeping 3 sts at each end in Garter-st, continue in pattern increasing 1 stitch inside front border every other row until there are 5 rows more in front sleeve than in back sleeve (extra rows are for shoulder). Bind off 26 sts at sleeve edge. Keeping 3 sts at front edge in Garter-st, con­tinue to increase 1 stitch inside border every other row until there are the same number of rows in front from end of sleeve as there are in back. Work firmly in ribbing of K l, P 1 same as back. Bind off in ribbing.

RIGHT FRONT: Work to correspond with Left Front re­versing shaping.

FINISHING: Press lightly and sew seams. Make 2 small buttonloops at waistband-edges. Sew buttons on each side—2 on outside and 2 on inside.